comodo firewall and avast free

I have installed avast free anti virus (without behavior shield)and comodo firewall(no AV),and I want to know more about how to make them more compatible :slight_smile:

Hi missingseer,

I’ve no problem using avast free with CFW. What I’ve done :

  • In Avast, I’ve put CIS as exception in all the components of Avast

  • In Defense +, I’ve granted the status of updater/installer to
    c:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\Avast\Setup\avast.setup
    and the status of trusted file to all other executable files of Avast

  • In the FW, I’ve make a rule “allow all outgoing request” (same than for CIS) for avast.setup and AvastSvc.exe.

Hope that help.

Comodo Firewall (with D+ enabled) with Avast free is a widespread reliable combination. Many users have it without problems.

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums

here is a video I made, since people have experiencing problems. The video should solve most problems but if there are any, we are here to help. Please post a screenshot of your d+ events, so that we can help faster and more effective.

I see. The new problem is that thunder7(a kind of P2P downloading software which is common in China)fails to download anything. What can I do to solve it?

Please make a screenshot of your firewall event.

I have solved it myself and I have found another problem that when I ran some programs(games and some other softwares) I noticed that it couldn’t start but I could find the process of it in windows task manager. Only when I ran it a second could it start. But some softwares never started and even led to a crash. I then checked the log of comodo but there was nothing about it. I want to know what caused it and how to solve it. ???

Can you list what software might cause problem? Screenshots will also help us analyse the cause to the problem.

Sorry I am in college now and using the laptop(comodo was installed in my desktop computer),so I can’t give you the screenshots. It is the Nintendo Dual Screen simulator and KMplayer that cause the problem.

Try adding the executables of those programs to the Exclusions of Detect Shellcode injections (i.e. Buffer overflow protection) and try again.

When that does not work please post a screenshot of Defense + Events.

I am questioned.Should I uninstall the network shield of avast because the function of it is similar to the firewall?

uninstall it and see if it helps