Comodo Firewall and Avast Antivirus

When the time comes for me to install 3.0, will I need to uninstall Avast Antivirus first, or will disabling it during the install be enough? I had a rather rough time getting the antivirus program installed and really don’t wish to repeat the process.

No, I don’t believe you will need to do anything to avast! HE. I was previously running avast! HE before I started testing AVG with CFP 3 without any issues… however, I did disable avast’s web & net shields. I did the same thing with CFP 2.4 & avast! HE as well. Mind you, I didn’t have any trouble installing avast with CFP 2.4 or 3 either.

Should I permanently disable the Web and Email shields, or is that just for the installation? Won’t I lose protection against virii if I do that?

If you disable the Email component, then yes you will loose protection. But, I didn’t suggest disabling the Email component.

I recommend that you always disable the Net Shield. With CFP running it is completely redundant… CFP inserts much higher into the stack than avast does. As far as I know, avast isn’t even aware of CFP & CFP will not let it see anything anyway (waste of resources I’d say). As for the Web Shield component, only disable it if you encounter problems web browsing. But, you don’t have to disable anything for the CFP installation process (I’ve tested avast! HE with both CFP 2.4 & 3). However, if you do encounter problems, then simply stop avast from its systray icon. It will restore to normal mode on reboot.

Oops! I didn’t realize there was a Network Shield. I’ll disable that after I install the firewall.


That’s OK. The Net Shield is meant to trap intrusion attempts and such… but, it really doesn’t have a hope of seeing anything with CFP around. :slight_smile:

Oh, I get it. That’s because the firewall is given priority over Avast on the TCP/IP stack and snags incoming baddies before Avast’s Net shield can see it. That makes sense.

just adding my 2 cents… I use Avast 4.7 Home Edition with CFP 2.4 and have never had any issues. Have been running both of them for about 5 months now together without any hiccups.