Comodo Firewall and AOL


I’ve had comodo firewall for ages and I update each time it says there is an update. However each time I update the firewall I can never get back onto the internet. So I always unistall and then reinstall. This time I put the pre update version back on. And now I have the filewall running but no firewall icon on my desktop and its is not showing that it is running in the programs file.

Whats going on please and why do I have problems connecting to the internet everytime I do the normal updates?

Nothing should have changed if you clicked on the updater under settings. Do you have IE or FF set as a browser?

IE is the browser but I always connect through AOL

May I ask why? Unless your on dial up DO NOT USE AOL or IE. Use Firefox. Its safer and better. Doesnt your ISP give an email address or is the only service you can have it AOL?

I think it is just for convenience. I connect into aol and its auto goes to my emails. So you are saying I should remove IE and install Firefox?

That doesn’t answer why I don’t have the icon or showing the firewall in the programs list

So you have no Comodo icon on your desktop right? Is there one in Start\Program Files. If there is then simply right click on it and send it to your desktop. In Comodo under Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy you should have IE listed along with all your other programs. You cannot uninstall IE as its part of Windows. You havent answered my question. Is AOL your only ISP or do you have to use AOL. I have AT&T which gives me a Yahoo email address and I use Firefox to browse.

There is only aol listed no others what can I do, install firefox? AOL does give me an email address are they my ISP? I don’t have to use them to connect to the internet I don’t think?

I have taken the Icon from the program files is that ok?

All you have to do is go to How to you connect to the internet. Cable or DSL?


Ok who provides you with your DSL connection. AT&T, Version? Who?

The modem is a BT Voyager 105 usb ADSL Modem and it has AOL and BT on it “working together it says”

OMG. Thats not what I asked. You do you pay your DSL bill to or your phone bill. Thats what I am asking. Your local phone company is usually the company resonsible for your DSL connection. So this is your modem. Right.

Its a bit confusing over on this side of the pond Vettertech,if you dont have cable BT basically own all the phone lines going into peoples houses and ISP rent these to provide there services.
It sounds like you have a dodgy install thephoenix,i`d recomend trying a complete uninstall using the instructions in the link below,try re installing and see how it goes.


Sorry I’m not very well up on the technical speak so you will have to bear with me. Yes that is my modem. The person who I pay the phone bill too including line rental is First Telecom. I hope thats what you meant.

I do appreciate all the help you are giving me

Yes but does First Telecom give you an email address so you don’t have to use AOL. You can also dump AOL and make a Yahoo email address which is free then connect to the internet using Firefox.

No first telecom doesn’t give me an email address.

I’ve installed firefox, connect via aol and then minimise and use firefox which is tons quicker. Also sorted out the firewall so all is now running smoothly

But back to my first question why whenever I click to update the firewall why do I never get back onto AOL and have to uninstall the firewall and reinstall it before all works ok again?

Its very frustrating

This thread may be of some help to you mate,take a look