Comodo firewall and another AV on windows 8.1 x64

Hi guys. Like much members i see a dramatic changue from comodo 5 to comodo 7. And i found features really good like virtual kiosk or the behavior shields etc. But i see somethings strange whith the comodo av and i am tired to try and try and never found an a satisfactory answer. Include i have the comodo pro licence one year and never have the answer i looking for. The av in my opinion (only opinion) dont works well i see sometimes a dramatic cpu usage in multiple scenaries, other times i see interminable scan times or interrup scans, other times comodo says he analizes whole computer in fullsystem scan on 15 seconds (Thats was imposible) no one antivirus can do a full scan on 15 seconds (Some times 1 minute or half hour), i think comodo skips files and i am tired to try comodo works like the old version 5 . Because that i ask you please dont try to solve a problem or something like that to try to make av works properly i am tired.

Now i decide use comodo stand alone firewall only and i try various scenaries too because i love virtual kiosk. Its tousand better than sandboxie, sometimes sandboxie dont let me use some virtual apps or i can not test my software. Now we have one software suspicious in the institute where i work. But we are conditionate to use it because not have another soft who do that (Qualitative research). I use that software on virtual kiosk. I do that because i see some disasters on other machines (friends machines) when i use that software on virtual kiosk i feel secure and see nothing strange happens on my system. Virtual kiosk protects my machine sucesful but comodo AV worries me for the reazons i explain you above. I decide use other av but i dont trust on microsoft security essentials or windows defender because i see some friends have strong viruses on their machines using it on original OS, i see some errors on panda cloud free respect to sync and some features like panda resque dont work alongside whith comodo. Webroot are another cloud av and i think have conflicts whith comodo because have some strange fw system. Avast are too buggie for me or maybe i dont know how to configure it, and it have too many features similar to comodo. Quihoo are too heavy to my machine. Baidu are too new and i dont trust they. Unthreat antivirus have a hips system and another features and always pass from free to pro version. And the interminable list.

I ask you for help and please tell me a good combo, good compatibility and good protection, to use comodo fw and another av.

Wait your answers configs and God Bless you