Comodo Firewall and Abyss Web Server


I’ve got what seems like a timing issue, but I think with some clever configuration of Comodo Firewall, ths issue would be resolved. If I reboot my computer, when it boots up the service for Abyss Web Server cannot begin because I’ve configured Comodo to block all access to Abyss. If I allow access for Abyss and then start the service manually, all is well and I can, subsequently, return to Comodo and re-block access to the web server. I can still run it and connect to it from localhost by checking the box in the Miscellaneous Configuration next to “Skip loopback (127.x.x.x) TCP connections.”

Is there a way to configure Comodo so that I wouldn’t have to manually start the web server on boot-up?

Incidentally, when it blocks access to the web server, the server is starting up with a destination IP of (yes, I moved my personal web server’s port from 80 to 1024 to avoid collisions with normal web browsing and the personal server). I imagine there may be away to allow access in Comodo for Abyss web server when the destination IP is but not for anything else. If so, how would I do that?

– Dave –