Comodo firewall all up and running but ...

I am AOL ,and when i log on to AOL it says , "no firewall detected " i run the Active security moniter and that says the same ! I have tested the firewall on “shieldsup” and it passes every test. Any body know why AOL doesnt seem to see the firewall. Many thanks

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I don’t think AOL has added detection for Comodo which is most likely why Comodo isn’t detected. Somebody would have to contact AOL to see about them adding detection for Comodo.


Thanks justin1278for answering me. I know Comodo firewall is working great on my computer,so i leave it as is. Cheers

:BNC Thought I would post this. AOL has come up with a new version 9.0 VR. It was built for Vista but will work on XP. This AOL version does not bring up any checking just a basic sign on screen. For you IM users this version support AIM.