Comodo Firewall Adjusment?

I have the free Comodo Firewall!
How must i adjust the Firewall for safe working?

I wish, that every installed Software/ Program/Execute File asked me, before it get access to the Internet!
And my choose, the Firewall should remember my Adjustment.
This is for me Safe and practical Firewall. Because…
The Whitelist from comodo is not my Whitelist! Is there a good Adjusment Help? better in german language.
list with the recommended Adjustments.


Just set the firewall to custom policy and set the firewall alerts to very high, and make sure to uncheck (if checked) to trust trusted applications. It will alert you to a port by port prompt even for the same application.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:
I check this!

You should also check the Box for “create rules for safe applications” then you can adjust every application…