Comodo Firewall A very impressive firewall

I used to use kaspersky internet security which has a firewall. Then I heard of Comodo from a website , uninstalled the firewall from my KIS and installed and was impressed. It even eats less resources & less memory than my previous firewall & better protection. All I can say is that im impressed and its unbelievable that its free and even outperforms paid firewall. Im from the philippines and im going to recommend it to all my friends. Dont get me wrong i like the kaspersky firewall but I can say that Comodo firewall is even better & easier to configure.

i think there’s compatibility issue between CFP & Kaspersky.
welcome to the forum anyway (:HUG)


Well you are right if you install KIS with firewall on. What I did was reinstall Kaspersky Internet Security with firewall option not installed and it works great. It does not conflict with my Nod 32 which i have as an on demand scanner and my antispywares.

no, i mean CFP & kaspersky AV, or maybe CBO & kaspersky AV ??? nevermind. silly me ;D

I would like to say I’m very impressed with this firewall (:KWL) , and it is better than other ones I have seen and used, so nice work Comodo and keep up the good work. (:CLP)

P.S: I also recommend this firewall to other people that I talk to and I have also posted an image link on another forum that I also use on a regular basis. (:TNG)

Thanks for the feeback guys.
and the other beauty with this firewall is you can help shape its future! :slight_smile:


100% Agree!!
An incredible firewall… this ver. 3 is amazing! Thanks for made this free.
I used to use agnitum outpost, wich is a great firewall to, but now is comodo time. (V) (:CLP)