Comodo Firewall freezes Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Let me tell you I’ve been using Comodo firewall for years, and I’ve always used it in my computers. Yesterday I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit in one of my computers, and after updating Windows and Office, I proceeded to install Antivirus (AVG) and Firewall (Comodo). I got a big surprise when Windows wouldn’t start, of if it reached desktop, it’d freeze, while mouse would move, nothing would respond, forcing me to shut down the computer using the on/off button.

Comodo was the last software I had installed. I tried to uninstall from Safe Mode, but that wasn’t possible. Eventually I managed to prevent from executing from msconfig, and then uninstalled. My computer worked fine then. I just installed it again (in case it was a faulty installation, it did install (With AVG disabled) but after restarting (And therefore AVG being active again), same behaviour appeared, locking up Windows entirely.

I don’t know if it’s an AVG or Comodo problem, but all I know is that with AVG only my computer works fine and Comodo makes it slow and then freezes it.

Another thing that has let me down is how bloated is Comodo nowadays. In the past, it was just down to the bottomline, blocking traffic and software, which is all I need. Besides deactivating a lot of things I don’t want when I installed it, I found out that there is some sort of anti-virus software embedded, which I don’t need and that’s why I downloaded firewall only. Maybe that’s what is conflicting with AVG, but you guys should have sorted it out these things by now.

I’ve lost an enormous amount of time in solving this, and the only option I have remaining is uninstall Comodo Firewall and use Windows Firewall for now.

There is an AV component integrated with the Firewall. This is causing a conflict with your other AV (AVG).
Please uninstall AVG and you should not experience any issues.

Since I downloaded Comodo Firewall, I think I should be given the chance to choose whether I install an antivirus or not. I tried deactivating it but the system froze before I could be able to do that. I’m not going to uninstall the antivirus I trust because you decide to embed other software which I don’t need.

Thanks for the response. It’s sad, but I’ll have to let go Comodo Firewall this time and choose another one.

Hi leechmaster,
If you have unintentionally installed the AV module, this can be removed by following the instructions in the link below.
Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)

Kind regards.

I haven’t “unintentionally” installed the Antivirus module. I’ve checked all options when I installed Comodo Firewall both times and I was never given the chance to opt out from the Antivirus installation.

Asuming I’d install Comodo Firewall, I would never get the chance to uninstall Comodo Antivirus since the OS would freeze before I could do that. Another option would be to uninstall AVG, install Comodo Firewall, uninstall Comodo Antivirus, and then install AVG again, but I’ve already installed and configured AVG to my likes and it’s something I won’t do.

I think you’re going the wrong way by forcing people to use Comodo antivirus, and not letting us even know it’s even there. I went for Comodo Firewall, not Security suite or Antivirus, just Firewall, and that’s what the downloaded file states. All you’ve gained by doing this is losing a faithful user which is now in the look for another firewall that doesn’t install things I don’t want to. I’m even willing to use Windows Firewall instead of taking all the trouble I mentioned before because you’ve decided to hide an antivirus in your Firewall only installation.

I hope you reconsider your politics, or at least make people know they’re installing a security bundle of Antivirus & Firewall, and that it’s not compatible with other antiviruses already installed.

Best regards.

Hi leechmaster,
If the AV component installed with the FW only installer (AV unchecked) there must be a bug in the installer, this is not done intentionally.


I customized installation twice, that is, I entered the custom/personalized (Can’t remember the exact word) section where I de-selected GeekBuddy and Comodo Browser. I also de-selected that Comodo Firewall change my DNS servers. I never saw an option in which I could de-select the AV from installing. The file I downloaded from is cfw_installer_5732_83.exe.

captainsticks, it’d be trouble if I asked you a screen capture of where is the check box to de-select Comodo Antivirus from installing?

Best regards.

Hi leechmaster,
I always thought the AV option was still there in the customize installer options with the FW only installer with the AV deselected by default, although I have just tested this and as you say the AV option isn’t available during installation with the FW only installer so I do apologise. :-[
However running the FW only installer does not install the AV component on my system, so I am not sure what happened in your case.

Kind regards.

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A few days ago I managed to find an installation file for an older version of Comodo I’m using in my desktop computer, very alike the new one, only that it doesn’t bring the Antivirus module and works excellent alongside AVG.

I’d recommend Comodo to allow users to disable the Antivirus module. I really like Comodo’s firewall, but not the antivirus. In the same way, I wouldn’t like AVG to force me to use their firewall, if they have any in their products.

Thanks for taking the time to check this Captainsticks. Best regards.

Hi leechmaster,
As I pointed out what happened on your system is not intended behaviour.

During installation using the FW installer the option to enable/disable the AV component is not available, however the AV component is not installed as intended. (Screenshot)

During installation using the CIS installer the options to enable/disable each component are available and work as intended. (Screenshot)

Kind regards.

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Like the original poster, i am using Comodo FW+Avast AV for many years. Recently i had to format and reinstall win7 x64 on my system and i had similar problems (long freezes, usually in boot time). After many tries, i managed (or i hope so) to make them work together. On a fresh windows install do this:

  1. First install Comodo Firewall. Do not install AV module or anything else. Install ONLY the Firewall. After the install, keep only Firewall and HIPS enabled (you can try leaving cloud analysis ON, also). Turn off Viruscope and WebSite Filtering (you can try turn them on later, if everything goes well for you).
  2. Then install AVAST. During installation choose custom and install ONLY the file shield. Don’t install any other type of shield or tools (you can try install tools, if you like. I don’t think they will make an impact). Please note this which is very important: DON’T use the online installer for Avast!!! Find the whole file installer. Personally i used from the last 2014 version and NOT the 2015 version. After the install of 2014 verison i updated the program, from the internal updater, to the last 2015 version with no conflicts. So that’s your choice, if you want to update or not to the most recent version OR install directly the latest setup file from here: Thank you for downloading Avast antivirus software

Hope it works for you!