Comodo Firewall 64 bit Network Firewall Not Functioning

Posted - 12/03/2008 : 18:34:27

Perhaps somebody who is using Comodo with 64 bit Vista could help me. I have installed the free Comodo Fireall Plus from a disc they sent me, installing only the firewall and not their defense program as I already am using both Webroot Spy Sweeper and Windows Dfender (am I right in assuming they can be used imultaneously and do not conflict with each other?). I use Kaspersky anti virus 2009. (Kaspersky Internet Security 2009,allegedly compatible with 64 bit Vista and which I would have preferred, crashed my system).

However, when I open Comodo, I see a message in red letters stating that “the network firewall is not functioning properly” and asking me to use their diagnostics. When I use the diagnostic it says that te installation iis not functioning properly bt can not be repaired. The only network I am on is my home etwork, using a Linsky router and cablemodem with which I have had no issues. The Comodo firewall security level is set to safe mode and I have run an automatic update of the Comodo software.

Has anyone else had this probem? Is my computer now protected? Or should I delete Comodo and go back to the Vista firewall that is not as good? If not Comodo 64 bt, what might you recommend as a firewall for 64 bit Vista in conjunction with Kaspersky anti virus?

THANK YOU for your help.


urther to the above, I rebooted and again updated. I still get the error message and Windows monitor states that I do not have firewall protection. But now when I run the Comodo diafgnostics the report says it can find no problems with the installation. Howeer, the Comodo symbol in my tray has a red symbol over it indicating it’s not working. What to do? Thanks.

I suppose it is safe to first ask what version you are running of Comodo Firewall (and may I assume it is CIS?). The newest release is 439. If yours is older, please download the latest from:

Completely uninstall what you did install, and if necessary, use a registry cleaner. Temporarily disable your AV programs and reboot your computer.
Then, do a clean install of CIS. Since you desire only the FireWall portion, uncheck the AV when the screen asks what you wish to install.
Reboot your computer when it asks, and restart your AV programs.
When started, the firewall will notify you of a new network found. This is normal as you do have a network between your computer and the router. Select a name for the network (or use the suggested name displayed) and check whether or not you wish your computer to be seen by others on your network.
Other than setting up rules for your software, you should be good to go.