Comodo Firewall 6 using up a lot of cpu

Hello, I have Comodo Firewall 6 and windows 8. I noticed Comodo Firewall has 4 processes and is taking up 47% cpu, is that normal?

It’s at 47% all the time? In that case no. Unless AV is in scanning.

What settings you use in CIS 6? Do you have any other AV’s working in the real-time protection such as the Malwarebytes? If not could be an issue with CIS and your system. Report it to the Comodo in this case.

I have SUPERantispyware free, avast! internet security with no firewall and COMODO firewall. I have a intel dual core and windows 8 as a OS.

SUPERantispyware free is fine as it don’t provide a real-time protection from what I know. Could be a conflict between Avast and Comodo. As I don’t know much about Windows 8 I can’t tell you what’s the exact issue with CIS or Avast on such system.

Also try to clean and check your system and look for any errors.

Is that 47% continuously or only temporarily? When your computer is doing nothing, idling, CIS will run the cache builder of the AV from time to time. You may be watching this.

I made a mistake. I have comodo firewall not CIS. And yes, it’s using high amounts of cpu even on idle.

Would re-installing COMODO fix it? Do I need a uninstall utility? Also, I noticed the UI freezes up sometimes and no matter how many times I click it, it won’t say not responding.

I think reinstalling is worth a shot. Please follow the advice I give in this post.

I think the issue here is Comodo Firewall and Avast AV. Try using just CIS and see. If you still have high CPU it’s just an issue with Comodo and Windows 8 but if CIS will be fine low CPU it was Avast conflict.

P.S I also have a slow CIS response at times.

Avast! is also running slow. I got some help for avast on avast! forums and they recommended that I add avast! to exceptions on COMODO and COMODO to exceptions on avast!. Does that advice seem legit?

The COMODO uninstall utility that you gave me a link to on your uninstall forum does not support 6.0.

Technically it doesn’t, but I’ve seen it used on multiple systems running V 6.0 (including mine) and it still works very well without causing any problems.

With Avast 6 there wa

That is a legit advice and worth trying. Can you check the D+ logs and see if there are a lot of memory access attempts by Avast to CIS processes? That was a problem with Avast 6 where the sheer amount of memory access attempts would trigger CIS self protection and make CIS use a lot of cpu cycles.

Roboform keeps trying to access comodo.

See if temporarily disabling it makes a difference or not.

Disabling roboform or COMODO?

When I run it, it keeps saying “1 was unexpected at this time.” then closes.

Yes. Always add the exclusions such as this. I also add to Comodo MBAM and HitmanPro and add Comodo to them. It saves system resources and reducing conflicts.

I had a conflict between ESET and CIS 6. So I’m 90% sure that the Avast is not getting along with your Comodo and I don’t think the exclusion would help here. Let’s not forget CIS 6 is new and needs some fixing also Windows 8 have more issues with CIS 6 rather than Windows 7. Having said that I can run Avast 7 with CIS 6 on my system fine.

Oh. I’m assuming this is an incompatibility with Windows 8. I’ll add this to my other post.

I can run Avast 7 fine on my win8 x64 system with cis 6. but i would recommend uninstalling the avast behavior shield and disabling avast auto sandbox. let cis handle these two features so they don’t fight. runs alot better that way.