Comodo Firewall 6.3 Q

Hi folks,

I was having some problems with my laptop that runs Vista Home Prem., SP2, X64 … and the person on that Forum told me that I was running TWO (2) AntiVirus program on my laptop …

Well, I was under the impression that I had AVIRA 13.0 as my AV and Comodo 6.3 was ONLY my Firewall.

Please be adviised that I consider myself a Total Newbie in AV & FW department … So!

Then I checked my Processes using WinPatrol … and I noticed when I have Comodo Firewall Ticked in “Safe Mode” and I have everything else OFF (Not Ticked) (i.e, HIPS, SandBox) … that CFW does not show that it is Running.

But When I ticked ON the HIPS then WinPatrol shows the Comodo CIS is running. CIS is the Whole Comodo AV Solutioin … But I don’t want CIS to run as my AV … ONLY CFW portion …

Q1: When I have only CFW on and HIPS is off … is Comodo Firewall Working???

Q2: Can CFW run effectively without HIPS on?

Q3: How can I Run Comodo FW without the AV Portion of Comodo?
If not possible, I might revert back just to Windows Firewall and call it quits.

Q4: What Auto-Sandbox “UnTrusted” do?


G! :slight_smile:

  1. yes it’s working
  2. yes it can be run without hips
  3. did you only install the firewall? If you open the interface does it show the av component?
  4. the autosandbox will isolate any unknown file (unknown to comodo) and it will prevent any harmful actions being made to your system. The un trusted setting will block almost all actions made by the app but most legit apps won’t run at this setting

Hi wasgij6,

Thanks for responding so fast … appreciate the “Dummy-Proof” answers! ;D

I checked Comodo Interface (the App) and it says Comodo Firewall and all I see is Sandbox, HIPS, Firewall and Network Connection headings. I thought I only installed the FW, I suppose this shows I have only FW!?!?

Thanks for the Link above … I did see it before Posting … but was not sure about how to decipher the SandBox business.

Thanks again,

G! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you only have the firewall installed so you should be fine.

If you have any more questions let us know