Comodo FireWall 6.2 Simply Not Working

I’ve just installed the 6.2 version in Windows XP 32 BIT and I’m sad to say that the software works erratically or doesn’t work at all.

Although I’ve set Mozilla Firefox, Opera and IE as allowed or Web Browser, Comodo starts blocking them and no matter what I do it won’t let them load web pages until I disable the firewall.

I’ve tried changing from safe mode to game mode or others, but only disabling make the browser able to load the desired pages (national news sites or

How is this possible for the newest software version just an hours after installing it on a computer ?

I understand if after weeks or month of use some erratic behavior appears, but less than an hour after a clean install ?

I use the latest Avira Antivir as my antivirus solution. Its up to date and no viruses or unknown files are detected.

This sounds like there may have been something wrong with the install, or perhaps a change in the configuration.

My advice would be to reinstall it by following the advice I give in this topic. Then, after reinstalling, see if you still have problems, even with a default install.

Also, as this may not be a bug report, I will move this to the HELP section of the forum so that you can get as much assistance as possible.

Thank you.

Ok, I’ve reinstalled the application and now I’ve figured out why it was blocking my browsers.

I was completely blocking the svchost.exe process and that resulted in strange browser behavior. Some pages would load while most won’t.

When I’ve changed the rules for svchost.exe from Blocked Application to Outgoing Only, browsers are now working correctly, but what’s the explanation ?

Why blocking svchost.exe will completely mess up your browsing and why setting it for Outgoing Only lets it work correctly ?

What exactly Outgoing Only means ?

P.S. Thank you for the fast reply!

The epxplanation is that by blocking svchost.exe completely you were also blocking the DNS look up. That will give erratic behaviour when trying to reach websites. Some can be reached some can’t.

The IP addresses of the sites that can be reached are stored in Windows local DNS cache. When a site is not in the cache Windows will use svchost.exe to make the DNS look up. But since you blocked svchost.exe no lookup happens and the site cannot be reached.