Comodo firewall 6.1.276867.2813 is freezing up my computer

I’m using the latest comodo firewall version as of May 11th 2013 on, and since I updated to it, my computer has been having problems with freezing up. I only get short periods of time with minor browsing like to this forum and my email before it freezes. But, if i try to update anything on my pc, it freezes. Also every time i try to open the virtual kiosk in Comodo or a virtual browser through comodo, it doesn’t open and freezes my computer.

I go to great lengths to make sure my pc is always up to date and as secure as possible.

I do the following:
-do a full virus scan with Microsoft security essentials daily (currently at (real-time protection)
-do a full scan with Malwarebytes every 2 days or less (on demand only)
-do a full scan with Superantispyware every 3 to 5 days or less (on demand only)
-do a full scan with Kaspersky’s free online scanner once a month or so (downloaded, ran and then deleted)
-one last free online scan of one of multiple trusted and excellent sources.

I have the following setup:
-Microsoft security essentials with all options enabled
-Comodo firewall free (latest version always) with behavior blocker, hips and auto sand box all on
Wwindows 7 professional with service pack 1
-DEP set to protect all processes
-Firefox with: noscript, adblock plus, wot, and ghostery
-Internet explorer 10 which i never ever use for personal issues with it and the possibility that it’s never secure like other browsers are.
-I never visit unknown websites that are not marked by wot and i do not do any risky activity like using Limewire or look up porn for example.
-I do a complete back-up of my pc to an external hard drive every 2 to 4 weeks.

Basically I’m saying all this extra to show that i shouldn’t be infected with a virus or something.

I know quite a bit about computers and security to stay as safe as possible. I do know nothing is 100% secure ever.

With having problems in the beginning of downloading this newest version, i did a system restore that said it was successful with same problem coming back up when i try to open the virtual kiosk environment.
Then i went a little further back with system restore and my computer failed to show i had internet.

Once network drivers were uninstalled and reinstalled i got a black screen, and as soon as i rebooted the pc it went into and endless loop of rebooting. So at that point i had to reinstall windows 7 with a fresh copy, deleting all the files on it. Worked fine then, but as soon as i installed the newest version of comodo firewall free it started with the same problems if i try to open the virtual kiosk and freezes up my computer.

So I decided to call Comodo to be told my tech support unless I pay for support on a ■■■■■■■ up update on their part, I couldn’t get the phone support and I must rely on the forums. I would really like to continue using Comodo do to the best free protection out there as a firewall as I have for the last 2 years or so now.

This is the first problem I have ever experienced with Comodo firewall free. I have used this windows 7 PC since January 2012 and a windows XP computer before that. Again with no prior problems.

Please help me as i am extremely desperate for help, but please know i don’t have a lot of money, so i need to stay with free software and free support as much as possible. Thank you ahead of time for any help received.

I added needed punctuation for an easier read. It is hard to read without capitals at the beginning of sentences or names. I also separated part of your text in paragraphs. Eric

What firewall were you using prior to CFP? Were you using CIS 5.12? If so how did you update to 6.1?

What other security programs did you have installed in the past? Please make sure that there are no left overs of previously uninstalled security programs around. Not all uninstallers do a proper job. Left over applications, drivers or services can cause all sort of “interesting effects”.

Try using removal tools for those programs to remove them. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

Since you may have used both 5.12 and 6.1. Please run this clean up tool in Safe Mode to make sure all possible left overs of v5.x. Then use this clean up tool also in Safe Mode to remove possible left overs of v6.

The clean up tool for v6 is the one the Geekbuddies use. It has some extra cleaning functions. Only use option 1 and 2.

All of the above will create a solid point to install CFP again. Let us know if the problem persists.


Why do you scan so often?
If you dont trust your antivirus to protect, why do you let it rescan often?
Usually its a time consuming and resource wasting myth.
I cant remember my last full scan.

Do you think that criminals put malware only on declared pages which people would call “risky”?
That would be easy :smiley:

i have reinstalled my entire operating system deleting all other data. there is no way that, that data still exists. since i bought and received my pc back in January 2012, i only have had Microsoft security essentials for an antivirus and windows firewall and comodo firewall ever on my machine. and NO i did not have both firewalls on at the same time. i do not go through a lot of security software since i know it can leave left overs behind. also i went from 5.12 to 6.0 to 6.1

yes i use the 2 on demand scanners of malwarebytes and superantispyware, but just to make sure my antiviruses is not missing anything. i do a full scan with it daily as that seems to be the recommended to make sure my pc is healthy. it’s not that i think i will be fine with no risky behavior, it’s i know it’s one more step at keeping my computer virus free.

also, even if you say it takes too many resources, my machine is very decent in power which does not effect it in speed.
i have:
-windows 7 professional 64 bit
-Intel core i2600k Cpu @ 3.4 GHz with a turbo boost to 4.1 GHz
-16 GB dual channel DDR3 Ram
-AMD radeon 6870 HD graphics card with 1GB memory

i can do a full scan with my antivirus or my on-demand scanners and play a graphic demanding game like call of duty modern warfare 3 or call of duty black ops 2 with no problems. so again, like said i would rather be safe with the extra scans than be sorry for not doing them often enough. since it don’t slow me down, i let it do its job to the fullest. even scanning 1.3 to 1.4 million objects in my pc, it takes less than 40 to 45 minutes to do a full scan.

Resource is not only what you are noticing in performance.

But the main point is:
When the antivirus can not protect you, why do you let it scan every day the whole drive?
As long as your antivirus has a guard (on access detection) an additional scan does not provide any benefit.

Can you name one scenario where a full re-scan would bring a benefit? I dont speak about the “good feeling”. I mean a real security benefit.
I scan new entries once. And over the time the guard may scan them on access. Why should i scan millions of files again and again (if they are not used;
and the guard would catch them if they are used)?

i have not had any problems with MSE not protecting me. i do a lot of research each day on the PC, so doing a full scan at the end of each day, helps make sure nothing happened while online on multiple sites. even with no problems with MSE protecting me, i always like to do other on demand scans, there is not 1 antivirus that is even close to 100% secure, catching all viruses. if that day ever comes then something new came out that shut down virus makers. until that miracle gets made, no, one antivirus is good enough. I’m not worried about a virus in this case, i just need to know why comodo is screwing up on me. can anyone help me with this issue or are you just going to criticize me about my protection methods. i like to keep as safe and private as possible.

I’m also a having the exact same issues as PC Gamer…Although i do not have the high powered system as Gamer. I did just do a complete system restore to factory out box state. I did system updates installed Comodo Free Firewall, firefox, ccleaner (which is stand alone), microsoft security essentials, areia ignite (deleted akamai netsession_win.exe), and alliance of valiant arms. The virtual kiosk worked on first try, and now freezes up system. The sandbox option freezes if i try to launch from it (even the comodo dragon browser). Basically the exact same issuses as Gamer to a T… Also the comodo dragon browser has some adobe flash player compatibility issuses also. I love the features, style, and so far the protection. Oh im also having shutdown an log off issues and the black screen also same as Gamer…Hopefully we are being a part of the solution… ;D

I dont want to critizise “you”.
I just see someone doing something without a reason. (Edit: I would not recommend MSE. Its “essentials”, and very poor in tests. It has been the only antivirus that i ever saw to get a negative score. Avast is good, the free version.)
I want to keep as safe and private as possible too. But i dont see how scans provide that? And why i should depend on a definition that is never up to date.

If i had to scan every day for a virus that might have slipped in, while the antivirus didnt catch it,
i would not use the internet! Simple as that.
If you would have to scan all day, you are unsafe. The definition comes tomorrow that might protect you. You are unsafe if you rely on definitions. No matter how hard you scan.
And the guard will catch it when he sees it!

I tried to explain that to you.
Safety is something else than the feeling to have done more (scans). You are not safe on tuesday, maybe on wednesday. On weekends you are safe without an update… :smiley:
If your antivirus would be so poor to only detect by a scan, it does not protect!

Ever tried sandboxie? That could help to remove your worries after a day browsing. Try to understand it, make the setting.

Clock whatever his name is…is trolling the forum…can we please get some1 who is listening an has valuable input to PcGamers an i’s issues Please…If clock had been paying attention…he’d had read that pcgamer an i CAN’T use sandboxie bc once again,IT FREEZES our systems if we try an use…now CLOCK go troll elsewhere an can we PLEASE get help from someone who is actually READING our post…not just trolling to put us down about how much we scan for virus or what frigging program were using to do so…think we need more air for chuck norris dude !ot!

Let’s stay on topic. :P0l

Does everything work correctly if it the fully virtualized sandbox (or the Kiosk) is used? Is the problem only happening when sandboxing programs?

Dude, nice second post.
Before you vent about clock or whatever his name is,
did you realize that i answered to the text of the topic opener?
So much lines about perma-scanning. And its so useless to do so.

Put you down? Like putting a child down by telling “look to the left and right when crossing the street”?

“Information is the only good that increases in amount if you share it.”
Call that trolling.

The pattern of your problem that you have in common is:
Maybe thats a hint.

Everyone, including (clockwork and J.BaDDLe) stay on topic and do not post anything which could be considered insulting. Consider this an official warning.

Do not respond to this post, or try to defend yourself from anything which someone has already posted. Let everything drop and concentrate only on the issue which has been reported.

I would recommend to look if the problem persists without MSE.

PC Gamer please try my suggestions in the above. They will provide a clean starting point for an install of CFP.

Let us know if the problem persists or not.

thank you for coming forward with this info so i know I’m not the only one with this issue.

OK I’m listening. what do you recommend? i have read that Avast and comodo ■■■■ heads on a few features. so do i just turn those off or have they been worked out?

For the moment please try disabling all other security products installed on your system and see if that solves the problem. If so then it gives us a good place to start.

I’m sorry, i understand if you want to diss MSE for not enough protection, but i am going to stop you at the part of it being the problem. i have NEVER had a problem with MSE with comodo and i have not read any other person stating MSE giving problems with other firewalls or comodo at all.

yes and no.
-trying to reset the sandbox will freeze the PC.
-trying to open a browser in the virtual environment will freeze the PC.
-trying to open the virtual kiosk will freeze the PC.

so far nothing else on my end has happened yet, but I’m also taking it very slow, do to not wanting to further damage my PC by having to shut it down incorrectly to unfreeze it.