comodo firewall 5 vs 6

Hi , I’ve been using Com firewall 5 for a long time without problem and i don’t know to upgrade to version 6.
I just want to know what changes have the new version.
Sry for my bad english.

Many 100’s of other changes as well.

new comodo firewall 6 version has many features like new gui, virtual kiosk, cce, crd (included with cis also) etc much more thing you will get if you try the new version… you will get a new experience with comodo firewall 6.(or you can try the full suite of cis 6)

it is always good to do a clean install
if you try to update from version 5 to 6 maybe you can face some problem afterwards, so it is better to do a clean install of comodo firewall 6. 8)