comodo firewall 5 & utorrent guide ?

Does such a thread exist here at present whereby you can teach a newbie utorrent user to gain successful access through comodo 5 please?
when I disable the firewall/defense settings I’m successful in connecting…I just need a knowledgeable user to show me and possibly other users how.

I use a modem only…no router involved.

many thanks,


it’s strange you have this problem. In cis 4.1 i had to run stealth port wizzard (the middle option) to make utorrent run. with cis 5.0 i answered only one firewall pop up allowing it and that’s all. utorrent connected and i had no problems with it

try this
Go to utorrent> preferences>connection>port use for incoming connection>put no port as you wish.

1] Just go to firewall
2] Network security policy
3] Application rules
4] Add > choose utorrent exe
5] Action allow
6] Protocol tcp
7] Direction in/out
8] Use custom policy > add
9] Source address = any
10] Destination address = any
11] Source port = any
12] Destination port = put the no. Port that you selected before for utorrent .

Go now to global rule >add
Do stage 5 to 12
when utorrent work only that port [and only in tcp protocol] will be open-in the moment utorrent exit the port will be stealth again.
if it work for you come back to thank the forum :smiley:

Find Firewall Tutorial for Utorrent with Comodo Internet Security in the guides section.

many thanks ‘kuki’ for your solution…I no longer have a problem with the utorrent connecting… :slight_smile:

thanks again for taking the time to post a solution… :slight_smile: