Comodo Firewall 5.8.213 (New one!)

Just going to throw this out there but this new 5.8.213 version (with the new GUI grey/green) is so much slower then the old version (GUI which was black and red) This new version freezes up so much! and crashes out a lot where the old version would just fly! Both versions I’ve tested are 64bit versions on Windows 7 64bit enterprise.

Just wondered if anyone else is feeling the pain of this new version? :slight_smile:

Both works fine for me on same OS (at home) and XP SP3 x32 at work.

Working great for me without any issue on win7x64 ultimate

Hi zips along nicely on my Win 7 64 bit Pro. ;D

Hi leddraa,
Sorry to hear of your pain, if you can add some details to the actual issues someone here might have a simple solution.
This version has been running very well on most systems and extremely light on system resources.

My experience was just the opposite, 5.5 was slow and corrupted twice, 5.8 stable and I got a performance increase overall.

Hi !

I feel exactly the same.

I upgraded this week to 5.8.213334.2131 and my computer is really slow to do anything.
Starting an app, at boot of windows 7, etc.
For example, I have to wait 5 seconds when I click on windows explorer… amazing !

In the app, actions are done slowly too but a bit faster it seems.

Do you think the problem should be solved if I uninstall Cfp to reinstall it completely ?
I have a good computer and seeing it so slow is driving me crazy !

Please… help


If you do I’d recommending following the steps outlined on this page.

OK I solved the problem without uninstall.

I just param defense+ on “healthy pc” (don’t know the right name in english sorry) it’s the medium level.

I stopped also all things in the cloud.

I don’t know really what makes my pc slow but now it’s fine… I’ll try some other params later.