Comodo Firewall 5.0 Problem

Okay, so i was using the older version, with the basic GUI, and tried to upgrade to the new version.

So downloaded, installed

And i find its not covering my network.
Click into the settings and stuff, try getting it to do so, but it just wont.

If i click “Active Connections” nothing shows, same in firewall events.

I’ve had to go back to the old version because i need a firewall.

Any help?

Which board should I post to? I had another firewall that lists ip of other computers that are trying to gain unauthorized access to computer, my computer was receiving port scans like every 2 minutes. So I changed to Comodo, as it is ranked number #one by I cant tell if the same problem is occurring or not. I had to uninstall other firewall in order to download this one, so I don’t still have the ip numbers to compare the comodo list with. Under active connections, there are 0 inbound, only outbound connections listed. At Usually there are many, over 100 listed, with many different ip #s, and ports listed. How many should be listed normally, as it once listed as many as 300. How many outbound connections should you have for just using the internet, and how do you distinguish between those ips which are necessary to surf the internet, and ones that are unauthorized ones that are possibly trying to hack or monitor you usage. --My goal is simply to stop all hacking, unauthorized scanning of my ports, and maintain privacy online. One strange thing, I updated then rebooted before posting to this site, and currently only have 1 outbound connection listed. This is the first time I have had less than 40. Also, is there some freeware software that I could use in conjunction with Comodo, that shows unauthorized users. I once saw one on someone elses computer, it list what port, the ip, and the location(city, state, country, not street address) of the computer. If there was a feature which would enable me to block such unauthorized access of specific ips, it would be nice.