Comodo Firewall 4.x D+ win7x64 issues

I finally installed comodo firewall with defense+ 4.x today to upgrade from version 3.x that I’ve used for years. I left sandbox off after hearing some issues. Nevertheless I bumped into 2 different issues.

These issues are not fixed upon restarting with D+ set to disabled, they are only fixed after deactivating D+ permanently.

  1. Symantec Endpoint Protection stops putting a tray icon. The program works just fine but for some reason it stops putting a tray icon. The tray icon process does NOT fail to start. If the SEP service is stopped and started again the icon shows as normal.

  2. Compatibility Mode is affected. For example I use Compatibility Mode with Vista for Windows Live Messenger and Skype to stop them from putting a taskbar button(some stupid new win7 inspired design fad). But when D+ driver is loaded, the messenger always starts in Windows 7 layout mode no matter what the compat setting.

EDIT: Update!

I installed CFP on VMware. The VM is Win7 32bit. Although Windows Live starts in compat mode, Skype DOES NOT. Skype continues to leave a taskbar button behaving as if it’s on win7 despite running in compat mode with vista.

So far I’m not conclusive on MSN and SEP but I can indeed confirm one scenario:

-take a win7 machine with skype latest
-start skype normally and log in. even after closing the main window a button remains in the taskbar. this is a new(and stupid) behaveior introduced for windows 7
-close skype and go to its properties, set compatibility mode to vista or xp
-launch skype and login again. close the main window. there will be no taskbar button. skype is behaving just as it did on vista or xp. compatibility mode is in effect.
-install cis 4.x
-having compatibility mode still activated for skype, launch skype. strangely enough, skype is no longer behaving as if on vista or xp, but instead it is keeping a win7-style taskbar button. compatibility mode is no longer working properly.
-go to comodo and deactivate D+ permanently
-after restart login with skype again. skype is once again behaving as if it’s on vista/xp. compatibility mode was fixed after deactivating D+



Removed SEP from the virtual machine(but not the main pc) and skype bug still happening. Most likely not a SEP conflict but D+ choking certain areas of the system like app compat.

There is a known problem with guard32.dll and guard64.dll conflicting vista compatibility mode. Only workarounds are:
(1) to disable the Windows\system32\guardxx and maybe the copy in the CIS repair directory by renaming and rebooting. Most of D+ protection, but not all, will still work.
(2) Use ‘run a program in a sandbox’ NOT ‘add a program’ to run the program. Running unrestricted, unvirtualised (use sandbox default settings) may be OK

The devs are working on this.

Best wishes


I am very glad to hear that the issue is known, I was worried it might be too obscure. Yes there is a problem with the compatibility mode feature in windows and guard64/32 but I am not worried and can keep the driver off for the time being. Afterall I have 2 antivirus programs running and only 2 times in 2 years have I had a malware undetected by both but caught by D+. I’ll hope it doesn’t happen now. :stuck_out_tongue: Just make sure appropriate info reaches the dev team.