COMODO Firewall 3 - Windows 2003 Support? [Merged Threads]

Great job on getting the new version out guys but why take away the support for Server 2003??? :-\ 88) ??? :o >:(

Requesting for Win2k3 support too?..:frowning:

Is w2k3 support planned for a future release ?

First: Great firewall and HIPS product! I have been using 2.4 for a long time and have been testing the beta/RC versions as they were coming out. Very well!

Question: I don’t see Windows Server 2003 on the compatibility list? Is V3 compatible with WS2K3 or is this going to be a future implementation? I had some compatibility issues with 2.4 on WS2K3 and was told to wait for V3 because that would be fully compatible.

I upgraded from 2.4 and installed v3 on a W2k3 server. It installed ok until it required a reboot. Once rebooted and installer tried to finish it gave an error message that the OS is NOT Compatible. :cry:

Re-Installed 2.4 :cry: and hopfully got all the settings back to what they were before.
It would have been nice if the installer checked OS before removing the old 2.4 version and all settings.

But otherwise I still (CLY)

Will there be a v3 version for windows 2003?

Seems version 3.0 does not support Windows Server 2003. Will this be fixed in the near future?

It all was working well, i had my CPF v2 crafted well to my needs, and today i seen update notice. Great, i thought, new version, lets update it…

After the restart, bad news come as CPF v3 wont install on Win2003… But where is the old CPF?

Now this is just a GREAT idea… if you restrict the upgrade only to specific Windows OS, would MIND including the OS check INTO the installer programme so it CHECKS if an upgrade its offering will WORK?

This is really important, as i could avoid wiping all my CPF config, all for nothing. Please, at last once, think before you do something…

I ran v2.4 installed on Win Server 2003 without problems. Few days ago there was an alert about upgrade. I agreed and Comodo downloaded new version (v3). It also uninstalled v2.4. After reboot install program refuses to run, because apparently Win2003 is no longer supported OS.
Now, I am without old, carefully configured version 2.4 and I cannot install new version 3. Very thoughtful of you, thanks. (:AGY)
Any particular reason why Win2003 is not supported?

Angry user

You mean like this ? :;msg106153#msg106153
…but hey, don’t be to angry… at least us w2k3 users won’t be getting v3 before most of the bugs are fixed… we often have to wait a bit before a new update is released to us.
I really would like HIPS but I can wait until Comodo has everything right …

EDIT : Okay, this is not cool : just tried the updater again :

[attachment deleted by admin]

I was presented with a “There is an upgrade…” dialog today for my machine which is Win2k3 Server SP2. I agreed to download and install the 3.0 upgrade over my upgrade and when the machine restarted I started the install wizard and after agreeing to the license all I received was a “Rollback Complete” dialog.

No worries I thought, I will simply uninstall and reinstall the old version. Unfortunately that does not work either. The Comodo Agent will not properly start, and none of the monitors will start. A mouseover on the systray icon says it is running fine though…

I then uninstalled, removed all Comodo entries in the registry (LEGACY_CMDAGENT, cmdagent, cmdsys, inspect… and others), did a search for all Comodo related files on my system, and generally burned and salted the fields to ensure a clean install. Crossing my fingers, I restarted.

No go.

Various messages in the event viewer indicate that the CmdAgent or CmdSys are having issues.

I suspect that the 3.0 upgrade made some changes to non-Comodo registry entries which I can’t recover from since Server 2003 has no system restore point. It is also possible that the 3.0 release left some driver .sys files which were not overwritten because the versions were older in the release… honestly I am still tinkering trying to figure this one out.

I have opened a ticket, but if anyone has seen this issue and has some ideas I would appreciate their input.

My next steps may involve creating a virgin 2003 install in a vm, exporting the registry with a clean install, and diffing the results from a 3.0 failed upgrade…

Interesting. Upon installing a brand new Win2k3 R2 server in a virtual machine, capturing the registry and file list, and doing the same install program as before, I get the “The installed operating system is not supported by COMODO Firewall Pro. Aborting Installation” message.

I did NOT get that message on my host Windows 2003 Server R2. Their detection routine must not be foolproof.

me too, i just upgraded from comodo v2.4 to v3.0 on windows server 2003 because i received a pop up there is an upgrade for comodo, but then after the reboot of the server I found out actually it doesn’t support win2003server.

though i returned to 2.4 easily, i just found it again in

Doing a file list comparison it appears that there are files added to the following directories:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Comodo
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Identities (Not sure if this was Comodo)
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\CDIResData (.ico files and .png icons)
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\COMODO Firewall Pro.lnk
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Comodo
C:\Program Files\Comodo

and some changes to C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\Logs\tmp.edb

Nothing at all unexpected there…

As I suspected/feared. The key is in the registry, no pun intended. Most likely some kind of \DEVICE or something.

Since support seems to be overwhelmed, I am just going to track along this way till I nail it. Maybe it will be helpful to someone, maybe not.

Yeah, I have tried to revert. No dice. Which version are you running? 2.4.18? or 2.4.19?

edit: I downloaded that one from and it is actually an older one:

I will give it a shot, what the hell.

Just did a registry compare. Aside from the usual suspects, there are some changes in the
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\RESOURCEMAP\PnP Manager\PnpManager] key which may or may not be meaningful.

Other than that, there are changes in the normal

Quite a number of these though:
< “Active”=dword:00000001
< “SubscriptionID”=“{092A6540-378A-4021-B935-D3266E682FD4}”
< “SubscriptionName”=“{6FE9282C-322D-4924-9F47-1C650401E68E}”
< “EventClassID”=“{FAF53CC4-BD73-4E36-83F1-2B23F46E513E}”
< “MethodName”=“PreRestore”

Don’t think they matter.

Like some others running 2003 Server, I too was welcomed with “there’s a new version” message Friday (after Thanksgiving) morning. “Do you want to upgrage” it asked. Of course I want to upgrade… I’ve been waiting for so many things to be implemented/fixed. Next dialog tells me that the old firewall needs to be removed, I OK it all and still half asleep go to make some coffee. When I come back there’s a “need to reboot” message waiting for me and I OK it too. System comes up OK but I notice there’s no firewall icon. I think it strange and re-run the installation again. This time I do notice the “Rollback completed” message, click on Finish and the process quietly exits… still no firewall. Time to start looking; on the Comodo site I see there’s no Win2k3 as a supported system for the V.3. WHAT?! Then WHY WAS I TOLD THAT THERE’S AN UPGRADE AVAILABLE in the first place?! URGH! I download V.2, install it only to find out that the “upgrade” process wiped out all of my previous firewall settings, and I end up sitting there allowing or disallowing every single program anew for another hour (and that’s a lot better than some others report).

THANKS A LOT! Way to start a day!!! Great going guys… free or not, somebody should be sent to the corner to meditate over the concequences, causes, and effects for a long time.

Used that 2.4.16 version and re-installed.

It didn’t work. but did say “there is an upgrade available.”

Figuring it would probably try and put 3.0 on, but not having anything to lose, I said “yes” again

Reboot, and lo and behold it works.

I am using… This is apparently the latest one for 2003 Server, not 3.0.

Welcome to the club :■■■■

Apparently Comodo Support doesn’t care about giving us a feedback on when to look for win2k3 support…