Comodo Firewall 3 date [Closed]

Hey Guys!!! I’m new at this forum (:WAV) ! I have been using comodo firewall for a while and i have to say that it is absolutely great!!! Now time for my question…It has probably been answered many times but i couldn’t find the answer in my search…When are we expecting the version 3.0 of the best firewall in the market ? I mean, is it going to be out before 2008 ?

Hello Thanasis 159 and welcome to the Forum> (B)
The Alpha v. is already released and while there is great anticipation for the Beta version we are expecting that release in short time (possibly weeks… or so :SMLR)
In any case… stay tuned and it will be well worth the wait!! (:KWL)

Thank you !!! I will DEFINETELY stay tuned because it is a great product!

Hi. I will close this thread because it’s a FAQ and there’s already one special one built by us moderators: