Comodo firewall 3.. and windows serivce pac 3

With comodo firewal active and trying to install service pac 3 near the end of the install ation messages received about autheication and correct verison. After numerous attempts to install found that comodo was holding all the .exe, .dll and other installed files an it defence plus section awaiting submiission to comdod to allow them to function. I ended up with several k.s of unneeded files and unable to complete service pack update until i returned them and then submitted the files for approval. that was way to much time.

There is nothing wrong with Comodo if you simply read the sticky notes provided under important topics. Before installing anything put Comodo in install mode by opening up Comodo and clicking install mode. You can also put D+ in training mode temporarily. If you find you had several pending files after that then don’t use D+ in clean pc mode. Use D+ in safe mode after using training mode. I installed SP3 on 5 machines with Comodo and not 1 problem.Your thread is not a bug but incorrect use of Comodo.