Comodo Firewall 3 and NET SEND

Hello, I’m spanish so I’m not understand too well English.

I have a big problem with this firewall because when I do NET SEND to my network (any computer),my computer sais:

The message has been sent succesfully, inmediately after, my computer reboot by force. When windows start said that the system has rearranged of an error.

How can I solucionate this?



Most likely, you’ve encountered a BSoD. You’ll need to disable automatic reboot, and post your minidump file in here, and the developers will take a look at it… Guide on how to do it is in that topic. Also, don’t forget to post all information that’s required.
Is there anything in the Windows event log?


Here you have an image about this error, tomorrow I will post in the link tha you have put

Thanks for all!!