Comodo firewall 3.8


I’ve a bug with comodo firewall…i can only install it in safe mode…when i restart …it crash almost all the time …when it start i run the diagnostic tool …and comodo is unable to fix it…it really unstable… i attach the bug report it gave me…


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Try a complete uninstall of CIS.

Run the uninstaller and reboot. Then manually delete all Comodo related folders under Program Files and documents and settings (XP) or users (Vista/Win7).

Then run Comodo System Cleaner and clean the registry. Get it here: .

Now go to Device Manager → View → set to show hidden devices → now look under non Plug and Play drivers and see if there is a Comodo driver present → if so, select it, click right and uninstall it → reboot.

Now you should be good to go for a clean install.