Comodo Firewall 3.8.659 64bit Vista - prevents programs from running.

I had a problem where I couldn’t run any programs. I couldn’t run firefox, vlc media player, internet explorer. I couldn’t run any application. As soon as I uninstalled comodo the problem went away. I couldn’t believe a problem like this could get through. Just to make sure I reinstalled the latest version of comodo firewall and tried again and I got the same problem.

It seems the latest version of comodo firewall for 64bit vista makes it so you can’t run any programs. as soon as I try to run a program it immediately closes while comodo is installed.

I’ve been using comodo successfully for years until this recent version.

Any ideas?

I uninstalled 3.8 and just installed 3.5 which works flawlessly . Fortunately i had that installer hanging around.

I am running Vista Home and installed COMODO about a week ago. My machine began slowing down and after about four days, I noticed that I could not get mail on Outlook. I thought at first it was a temporary glitch but finally decided to uninstall the firewall through Control Panel. I still could not connect to the mail server so decided to uninstall all componets of COMODO through Control Panel. After restart, all internet connections were missing. The computer is connected to adsl through a wireless Belkin modem. I have had this set-up for about a year and never had any problems with my connection. Usually three wireless connections show up under network connections and my personal connection is password secured. Now it says there are no connections available.

I am on my work computer now. Yesterday I took home my XP laptop and it connected easily. In reading on the forum, it was suggested to reinstall COMODO and uninstall using Revo. I tried that but still cannot connect to the internet on the Vista machine. Any ideas? I need the internet desperately to finish my taxes! Thanks for any help you can give me.

Update to the .477 version :slight_smile:

How do I know which version installed?

I’m having the exact same problem, 3.8.659 on 64-bit Vista is useless. I cannot run Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, MSN Messenger, Utorrent or Objectdock.

I have had to roll back to 3.5.57173.439

hecia13 - what? where?

The Baron - Check here;topicseen :slight_smile:
ddph - Miscellaneous → About and there you will be able to read the version number :slight_smile:

Greatly appreciated, hecia13!

I think this is any 3.8.xxxxxxx version of Comodo. I have tried to update each time, and every time my PC cannot connect, or cannot run a program.

I tried the 477 version on Vista 64 bit SP1 , and this doesn’t allow anything to connect to the web. No Internet Explorer (64bit), Firefox or any of my FTP programs…

At statup my antivirus software, Quicktime Player, BBC iPlayer and OpenOffice Quickstarter fail to start, and my sidebar cannot connect to the web.

Each time requires a restore back to the older version of Comodo.

The 3.5 version works fine. Someone at Comodo needs to go back to the drawing board and start again.

Hello All.

I think Comodo has fixed this issue in 3.9 BETA.

This is one of the things they said on the release page:

FIXED! CIS blocks some application from being executed

Execute is pretty much the same as running or starting…

I can not guarantee it work however… Below is a link for those who want to test the latest beta, (you must login to access it)…

I just installed, and then uninstalled 3.9.72525.491 Beta because nothing would load except Comodo and Windows Explorer on my Vista 64 machine. As soon as I removed it and rebooted everything was back to normal. :frowning: