Comodo firewall 3.0 to have a smarthide feature

I personally would like it to be implemented in 3.0 as Arovax SmartHide is not being developed that fast.

I think that Comodo would have the ability to make a better feature that Arovax SmatHide :BNC (V) (B)

It gives Instant Messaging (MSN messenger, Yahoo Messneger etc…) Proetction.

Also it will keep your IP hidden i think meaning better protection?

And it does other thinkgs look here for more info

As long as it doesn’t cause problems like slowing down internet connection, it’s a beneficial feature.

I agree. I would love something like this, it would complete the security suite, if it doesn’t slow you down.

Melih? or other moderators what u think?

It is a nice idea for CPF 4.0!

Totally useless feature for Comodo firewall. Arovax SmatHide is a simple (anonymous ?) proxy. That’s means it’s slow down your connection speed very much and probably it’s not for free. You don’t even know who and for what reason is logging all traffic from your computer. The whole Avorax website looks kinda shady. I personaly think Arovax SmatHide is useless, money sucking software and they have funny way to charge their clients.

Payment Policies A $15 late fee will apply to accounts past due more than 10 calendar days from the due date. Any account not brought current within 20 days of due date is subject to suspension and/or termination. There will be a $50.00 USD charge to re-instate accounts that have been terminated. The customer is responsible for all currency owed on the account from the time it was instituted to the time that the customer notifies Arovax SmartHide in writing for a request for termination of services. All payment is in U.S. currency.

this is a proxy kind of service. it has a cost associated with it cos you are channelling bandwidth. we can do it…we have been planning on doing it…however there will be a fee for this.


Plus if they really want you bad enough(if you have been naughty) they will get you anyway. Just saw where they seized 50 Tor servers to get the identities they were after.



so melih wat are u developing it but it wont be free?

this proxy kind of service… that hides your identity when doing things online…


yeh that wat smarthide does wat are u developing that or not? :slight_smile:

yep something similar…


Exactly. These kind of services doesn’t give you real anonymity in the internet.

@Melih: Will it be a standalone application? I wouldn’t like it if this proxy service was part of Comodo Firewall Pro.

yes standalone…
but also have the ability to put it into cfp…



you surely know how to make us curious… are you able to share (a little) more information on the project?? (:NRD)


not yet :slight_smile:


if its not free + slow down, i never wan it. :-
→ i dun care comodo considering or developing it.

i would not need it as i have msn dial-up every time i get online i have a defferent ip addy and msn uses a proxy when i scan at GRC shelds-up it says im in a city 300 miles away lol :slight_smile:

I think it would be a great idea. Would there be a charge though? :THNK

what sort of a price point should we set for this?
regular monthly?
pay as you go?
Free? (this does have a cost to us if we are to provide it so free is difficult to offer).

opinions welcome.