Comodo Firewall - wifi

I have Win XP Pro SP2, Comodo Firewall, Avast 4.8. I have an ipod touch and i downloaded a program called FileAid that allows me to view PdF, TXT, XLs files, through WiFi. due to the fact that I do not have wifi, i had to download a program on laptop called Disk Aid, a trial version which allows me to transfer files from my laptop to my Ipod Touch. once transfer to the Ipod touch, I can view the files in File Aid. I transfer the files via USB. As Disk Aid is a trial version - only 14 days. I am considering of a wi fi connection between my laptop and my ipod touch. Would comodo firewall protect the wifi connection. I will not be using it for internet purposes as I have a dsl connection, it will only be used to transfer files from laptop to ipod touch.

if so what would be the settings? I have tried to upgrade to Comodo Internet Security but I had problem with version 3.5 where it would give me Blue Screen when my external Harddrive or CD/DVD writer would be attached via USB, so I stuck with ordinary firewall of 3.0.

please help. :slight_smile:

Hi Grail,

Well how’s your current internet connection setup then ?
I’m starting to think you are aiming at a “multihomed” setup, LAN active for Internet and Wifi for Ipod ?
The firewall should be able to protect that.

Well 3.5 was pretty buggy i think 3.11 has come a long way, maybe it’s worth a shot :wink:

I agree with Ronny to hook up a wireless router with your DSL. Comodo firewall will protect you on both wired and wireless connections as well on both the internet and local network.

I also would like to suggest to install the latest 3.11. Do keep in mind you can’t copy your old configuration from 3.0 to 3.11. You will have to start from scratch with a clean install.