COMODO Firewall has been released !

Hi everyone. Check for updates ! There’s a new version of our beloved Comodo Firewall (L) (B)

What’s new in version
FIXED! Bugs in D+ affecting CFP’s ability to handle some events properly
FIXED! CFP freezes the computer in certain cases of network traffic
FIXED! CFP GUI slows down when some other software is installed
FIXED! CFP GUI fails to start when resource extraction fails
IMPROVED! The default configuration has been updated to protect more resources


32-bit Setup (Available in English language only)
Click here to download
Size: 20.0 MB (21,018,368 bytes)
MD5: 44f02867202fd018b9de1975e77a2783
SHA1: 4823d6a876237d177315631d0b012a93d1264343

64-bit Setup (Available in English language only)
Click here to download
Size: 29.3 MB (30,752,512 bytes)
MD5: 3330f827b91686335d8d04acdea2755c
SHA1: 201ecbf932c8ac5ad0f24edd6661df510b2884eb

CFP 3.0 – System Requirements
Windows XP (SP2) – 32 bit version
Windows XP – 64 bit version
Windows Vista – 32 and 64 bit versions
64 Mb RAM
55 MB hard disk space for 32-bit versions and 75 MB for 64-bit versions

Q: Do we need to export our settings or will they be saved?
A: Everything will be left untouched after the update.

change log?

I’ve edited the first entry, you can always find the latest release notes at

Thanks Ark ! I should have done that myself :smiley: Welcome to our club new moderator (:HUG)

My pleasure. Ssh… my new almost-anonymous user - Arkangyal (:WIN)

Some of developers should say exactly what is updated, please.
I have ton of custom rules which I don’t wanna lose (and vice-versa) if I import previous rules in new build

Am I going to lose default updated improvements if I import rules from previous version?

:smiley: I know. Well anyway. Congrats :Beer

To Salmonela - I agree on that one. The update should be fully explained. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to know if the chkdsk bug is fixed :THNK

Can we just apply the update or better off doing a complete uninstall and reinstall?

The update went very smoothly for me. :slight_smile: And it was quite a small one :wink:

The update works flawlessly and keeps your old rules, merging with whatever the new protection is-haven’t tried to figure it out yet. This is one where I would go ahead and do the update, rather than doing a settings replacement with your old rules. :slight_smile:


Could we please have a definitive answer,yes or no,
Can this update be installed on top of our existing version or do we have to uninstall and reinstall the new version.
This information should be published with the release notes

YES ! U can update on top of your existing version :smiley:

I am much obliged

Vista SP1 Ultimate 32-bit

I had some problem with the integrated update. The update itself went fine, and CFP seemed to be working fine as well, but the GUI was giving me issues. When I tried to open some items like the firewall event log, it would take a minute or more to open, and during that time my laptop was basically frozen.

I did a complete uninstall/reinstall and everything is working fine now.

I still wonder though, when Comodo says -

IMPROVED! The default configuration has been updated to protect more resources
do these additions really get added in to your existing config during the update? I mean, without knowing what exactly was added, it's impossible to find out for sure. This is maybe the only complaint I still have about Comodo's release notes and update process.

Otherwise, good work again!

Well if your firewall has logged a few thousand alerts it may be a long time for it to open :slight_smile:

Well, the default log window only lists events for today, so a few hundred events shouldn’t take that long. And it shouldn’t ever freeze the whole laptop. I’ll keep an eye on it over the next few days though.

Thank You Melih and the Comodo staff, my GUI hell is now over!!! :BNC

Do we need to export are settings or will they be saved?