Comodo firewall 2013 need serious help !

Please someone post the images of comodo Firewall [ Firewall+ Defense+ , no av ].

i have disabled my all updates of CIS , i am not ready for the new version of CIS ,
What is removed from new version of CIS , they only mentioned the new stuff added

please post images

watch this video

Comodo won’t push the program update that will come on the update servers in January. Updating the program is always a user’s choice.

Another idea is to browse through the online help of v6.

I am using new version on newly installed windows 8 evaluation copy .[ Dual Boot]

New version is good , but why you changed the interface and features . The old interface was World Class .
New interface looks like its a mix of kasperisky internet security and outpost firewall
i am haveing the following difficulties ,
1] There is no way to find out active connection list in comodo firewall[ i need to use Killswitch ,comes inbuilt with it , but dont say which program is sending or receiving data , ie not cool ]

2] Super difficult to access log , its a vary to access the log , Old interface was awesome .

3] clutter clutter clutter : the new interface is all messed Up , and there is no way comodo is going to revert it , so badluck for us .

“”““Nobody seem to complain about new interface , its like i am the only one who didnt like the interface and eerybody is so happy with it “”””“”“”"’

Look closer :wink:

yeah , one moderator said 80% people didn’t like the new UI ,
but other one user said , they need to bring back the missing things in new UI , there is nothing wrong with it ,
and i was like ? They made it so congested , its not lucid , but something about it man , i am never going to like this new UI , It looks like ??? ???let me think ??? ??? it looks like its Ok [ not best or Good ] for new users who never used CIS , but its extremely disappointing for OLD users , i guarantee you some-of them already have uninstalled the new version of CIS and are using some other AV .

(:AGY) I don’t know what were they thinking while switching the new UI (:AGY)

Its not like that new UI was necessary or things can not get more better than new UI ,

But we should appreciate their hard work , the new ui is not affecting but when it will start to affect me >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D

It has long been a complaint that CIS was too difficult for novice users to operate. The goal with CIS 6 was to make it an application that the novice users will be able to use.

No, not the obligatory car reference now…
But football :smiley:

Sometimes its important in which goal you are shooting the ball

Buttons to advanced functions can be easily brought to the main screen with lesser clicks: Getting buttons in CIS main screen for often used (advanced) settings menus

I just had to reinstall my computer from scratch. That meant reinstalling Comodo also, which I have used for years. YUK! I miss the old interface too and I am thinking of going back. This one does not really allow me to do much of anything upfront. I am still searching to find everything. Please - Please - go back to the old interface.

The task option in the upper front of the window will flip the interface to show you the options.

Well the alerts is easy for the Novices now that it has been toned down. But a lot of people complain that navigating the User interface is difficult.

And they have succeeded very well in that goal. It was definitely the right way to go.

I was a comodo novice when i began to use version3. Great product. Fit.

And the first thing i realized:
Comodo does not need much bloating,
it just needs lets say 5 bubbles who tell you all you need to know. With fun.
And a preset game rule. Instead of a game mode(-trainings mode) button.

But it got many new features to circumvent the “average” lack of being informed about how easy it is to handle.

If you have kids one day, dont build around their lacks. That does not make sense. Dont tell them “all is too difficult”!
Why do you treat “novices” like that?

The door to the internet. Use it. :slight_smile: