Comodo Firewall 2.4 & GRC.

Hey there guys, just a quick question for you regarding the GRC Shields Up! firewall testing utility.

I’ve been using CFP for around three to four months now. I’ve always been impressed by the outstanding quality of the firewall, and the amazing protection factor it offers. However, I’ve recently tested my firewall since I upgraded to the latest Comodo Firewall version, and apparently I’m leaking unsolicited packets. Every single time I attempt to figure out what’s causing the problem, I feel like I’ve stepped back more than I’ve stepped forward. I’m currently back on CFP 2.4, and now the problem’s persisting. I keep failing the GRC unsolicited packets test over, and over again. I’m still in the green in terms of port invisibility.

I’m using the default rules, with the exception of ONE allowed port for Azureus. I’m completely confused as to why I’m failing these tests, when I wasn’t before.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. This has pretty much stumped me completely.

are you behind a router? If so, Your router is being scanned and not CFP

I am, however, that doesn’t explain why I’m failing the second test. As I said before, I was passing all three tests before I updated CFP, and downgraded back to 2.4. My router’s settings remain the same, I’m still set as the DMZ, and there’s only one computer on my network. This one.

Unsolicited Packets: [b]RECEIVED[/b] [b](FAILED)[/b] — Your system's personal security countermeasures unwisely attempted to probe us in response to our probes. While some users believe that "tracking down" the source of Internet probes is useful, experience indicates that there is little to gain and potentially much to lose. The wisest course of action is to simulate nonexistence — which your system has failed to do. Your counter-probes immediately reveal your system's presence and location on the Internet.

Did CFP alert you about any of this? and if so… is there any way you might of possibly clicked allow?

I don’t recall CFP alerting me about the scan at all. Alerts are set on LOW, as they are by default.

Maybe try to set alerts to med-high and see what that does?

Will try higher alert levels and get back to you. Thanks for the help so far, Goose17. :slight_smile:

No problem, Just trying to help out :slight_smile:

Higher alert levels don’t seem to fix the problem. I’ll do a little more research on this problem tomorrow. For now, I’m headed off to bed. If anyone has any thoughts on the issue, please don’t hesitate to post back here. Thanks a lot, guys.

Does CFP fail the test if you plug the network cable direct to the computer(not thru the router)?


The router I’m using is basically my Internet gateway. It’s an ADSL modem/router. It’s a Linksys AM200 if that helps, at all.