Comodo Firewall 2.4 funny problem with Doom 3

When I try to play Doom 3, it wont let me connect online and play multiplayer because I can not click on the “allow” button which is covered by the full screen Doom 3 application. And if I exit Doom 3, the popup window vanishes away in seconds without giving me a chance to allow Doom 3 to connect to internet by pressing the "allow"button. How do I solve this funny lil problem. Cheers


You should be able to go to your comodo > click security tab > click define a new trusted application > click browse and select your doom3.exe. This should solve it for you. If it demands anything else needs access just use the same process and find the file. Good luck! (:WIN)

  • David

control/alt/del should let you see it, then close the task manager, works for me