Comodo firewall Problem

I noticed some srtings in the files quar.dll and ccomp.dll that mention about Buffer Overflow. I believe this is caused by not allowing the above mentioned components access to the internet when prompted for sending a file to Comodo. I see no mention of anything in event viewer. Does this mean that this version is no longer acceptable to use at home… for good ol Grandpa and even less technical users than myself ?


Hello, Scrappy. Welcome to the Forum.
The version you are running is no longer supported.
The current version, 3.8.65951.477, has buffer overflow protection included and on by default.
This version is more stable and offers better protection for all computers.
As a note, 3.9 will be released very soon also.
The link provided above will allow you to download the flavour specific to your OS.
You will have to uninstall your version, reboot, and install the new one as the registry entries have changed.