Comodo Firewall 2.3 Beta.

I installed CPF 2.3 Beta on XP-SP2 system yesterday and I have to say that I am impressed.

I stopped using the old version (2.2) mainly due to the following reasons
1)It was a little on the bloated side (memory footprint wise)
2)I felt that it was slowing down the system and
3)Due to the access violation exceptions that I was getting when I closed the application windows and
4)The integration of the firewall into the Comodo Launch Pad.

The new version CPF 2.3 beta seems to have fixed all the above issues. The memory usage is around 13M (7M for CPF and 6M for cmdagent), the access violation exceptions are gone, the system has not slowed down and integration with CLP is gone.

I had a few teething issues though
1)The Cisco VPN client did not work after the install. It would just fail and there weren’t any popups from the firewall. I looked in the log and figured out the problem.
2)The MS PPTP VPN did not work, the problem turned out to be blocking of the IP GRE protocol.

Other than the two issues (which could be interpreted as the firewall working properly) I had no other issue and I am pretty satisfied.

Good work Comodo.