Comodo Firewall 2.3.5.x Release Postponed to 07 Sep, 2006

Hi Guys,
We have postponed today’s release of Comodo Firewall to 07 Sep, 2006.
We will make an announcement by 17:00 GMT on that day.

Hi Guys,
Bad news, we have got some issues with update server and trying to fix it up, will assess situation tomorrow, if everything goes fine, updates can be made live tomorrow (i.e. 08 Sep, 2006) itself else next week.

In any case will make an announcement tomorrow, same time.

Sorry about it.

Please tell us what are the changes.


Not x3…I can wait…it’s just some more days :slight_smile:

Är du från Hälsingland?

Well, it can be released in 10 years for all I care, I just wanted to know what’s new in it. :expressionless:

I think it’s mainly a few bugfixes, updater among other things…

I do believe no more CLP. You will have to uninstall and reinstall the new version.



I just hope, that the bug with fast user switching error will be fixed.
It is annoying, that I can not access Comodo about 5 min after startup.

Hi Tom, from what i’ve heard it will be. :wink:



Whatever it is that gets fixed will simply make an already awesome firewall that much better! I’m on only my 3rd day trialing and I am astonished at how good this firewall is.

So when will be able to retain all out settings and rules when upgrading? Hope this is high on the ‘To Do’ list.

YES! It’s really good! We are a few more who have discovered how awesome it is… ;D

Well, I had my share of problems with the latest build, so I surely hope that I will see no more breaking downs for no clear reason and no more problems with the sharing of the printer too… Up until than the winxp firewal can do it’s ■■■■■■ job :wink:

I agree with you. Hopefully it will be implemented soon.

In version 2.4,2099.msg16275.html#msg16275

Indeed, that would be nice to see.

The registry export/import may work, but there really should be a better (safer) way of doing this. Saving the config from Outpost Pro is very easy and seamless.

Yes, I agree, and I am sure Comodo will come up with a good solution in version 2.4, and thats why I posted a link to a post where Mike says it will be better…in version 2.4…

I am sure the the registry export/import may work, but that was not what I was answer on, streetwolf asked for a better solution, and I posted a link to Mikes post.

i have windows xp home edition,he is going to work???