Comodo Firewall BETA has been released!

I would like to anounce the availability of Comodo Firewall BETA for download at the following location :

What’s New In CPF 2.3

  • New! Removed IE ActiveX Dependency from GUI
  • New! Reduced Memory usage
  • New! Added Do Protocol Analysis option
  • New! Added packet checksum verification feature
  • New! Added an option to define Alert Frequency level
  • New! Added defense for own registy keys and files against malware tampering
  • New! Added suspicious file submission capability to popup alerts
  • New! Added CPF tray icon
  • Improved! Default network control rules.
  • Improved! New icons for rules section
  • Improved! Tasks and Advanced section layouts are redesigned
  • Improved! Effect on OS system performance has significantly been decreased
  • Fixed! Bug causing Windows to freeze(a rare but serious bug of BETA releases)
  • Fixed! Bug causing Log Size selection to be forgotten after a reboot
  • Fixed! Bug causing legitimate packets to be dropped by protocol analysis
  • Fixed! The firewall will use the default browser instead of IE
  • Removed! Hardware details section from the summary section
    EDIT : * New! Windows Data Execution Protection against buffer overflow attacks!

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Thanks egemen, that looks great.

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Downloading, can’t wait. :smiley:

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Superb, will get it tomorrow. Going to bed now. :wink:

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Is there an option some where to turn off launchpad, in previous stable there was only the one icon in task bar, now there are two and as far as i can see they perform the same function.
I have disabled it with Starter and all works but wonder if an option to disable launchpad is hidden away some where.
Other than that all works fine here.

brilliant,was here exactly for this very reason… (:CLP)


This won’t be added until the final release. But you can disable launchpad by going to start>>run>>type msconfig>>go to startup tab>>disbale CLPTray.



Testing out the new release… I don’t know if you’re aware but… it still doesn’t pass the leak tests.

Other than that it’s very nice. I just don’t understand the false claims of passing leak tests. There’s nothing terribly wrong with it not passing the leak tests, none of the firewalls seem to pass other than Outpost 4, which is not actually available as of yet. None of the versions of Comodo that I’ve tested have ever passed cpil.exe or PCFlankLeakTest.exe. Which in & of itself isn’t unusual, what strikes me as unusual is these continuing claims of passing the leak tests, then one goes & puts it to the test and… time & time again it simply does not pass the leak tests, no matter how many versions & how many claims asserted. So why it is still said to pass the leak tests, I just cannot understand.

To be more clear, here is what happens: The tests do indeed trigger a popup from Comodo asking whether to allow or deny… meanwhile the information is sent right on through. No blockage is happening here whatsoever. Then if one clicks to deny, instead of blocking the leak test which was already allowed to do it’s deed… it blocks the entire rest of the internet & everytime one restarts the browser it repeatedly pops up about the leak test which has long since finished it’s work & is done & gone. A system reboot is necessary to advance beyond this anomalous behaviour.

I keep testing each new release thinking that… perhaps this time all of these erroneous ongoing assertions of passing the leak tests may finally be realized, that perhaps maybe it just needs one more release to nail this down…

I want to use Comodo as my main firewall but… Outpost has never made any leak test claims that I am aware of & meanwhile v4 stops the leak tests cold, dead in their tracks. It doesn’t popup about them after the fact & block the interenet after the damage is done & keep popping up & blocking the internet untill the system is rebooted. Instead the tests simply are not allowed to even complete their malicious attempts in the first place, while the internet & browser remain completely functional & intact.

I’m still looking forward to a Comodo release that will actually block the leak tests as is claimed.


I dont know what you are talking about but CPF passes all known leak tests including the ones you have mentioned.

Show us how CPF fails. Describe exactly what is happening…


It passes the information typed in the 2 aforementioned leak tests right on through to the browser regardless of the popup.

It’s really that simple, thought I explained in detail pretty well already. Is there any other information you require?


Just tried pcflanktest with beta, comodo presented the popup, denied access and it did not pass info to website but did say failed leaktest.

Many thanks. I uninstalled 2.22.11 and the new one is running OK with almost 50% less resources.
I have only one question: what is the utility of “Launch Pad”?

Hi and welcome,

LaunchPad was a place where all comodo applications were managed, however, many users feel it is no longer necessary, so from this beta a tray icon will be used (which will soon be the same for all comodo applications). On install you will then have the option to install Launchpad or not (which is not available in the beta, but you will have this option for the final release).


Compared to CAVS i can say excellent job Comodo team. Everything i expected was implimented in this version, even 1 warning per application which i seriously missed in older versions.
Own firewall tray icon is cool but not that cool as long as you can’t disable LaunchPad tray icon instead. Now there are two icons which are really unnecessary if you ask me. Using just either of these two would be better.

But i think it has some serious problems with uTorrent. Download speed is totally ■■■■■■ and my log is filling with events. This isn’t right…

I have downloaded and installed the new CPF Beta and am very pleased so far. I did have a little trouble getting avgemc.exe to work properly, but got things arranged after a couple of extra reboots. Training the new release is still rather a bore: it is too bad that transfer of the Registry keys that enshrine the data isn’t yet easy; what is needed is a ZA-like choice between a “clean” install and an upgrade at installation time. At least the license status appears to be preserved from one release to the next.

Date/Time :2006-08-17 22:50:51 Severity :High Reporter :Application Behavior Analysis Description: Suspicious Behaviour (Opera.exe) Application: C:\Program Files\Opera\Opera.exe Parent: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe Protocol: UDP Out Remote: Details: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE has tried to use the Parent application C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe through OLE Automation, which can be used to hijack other applications.

I don’t have a slightest idea what has Opera.exe to do with any of these. IEXPLORE.EXE attempted to use EXPLORER.EXE for god knows what reason. But opera.exe is taking the fault? Why? ???


Oh, btw, there are two things that have to be fixed. Pronto.

First: Get rid of that IP blocking rule in Network Monitor as it kills everything. Even uTorrent worked like snail that never caused problems like eMule. Replace it with ICMP Echo Request (blocked only Inbound).

Second: Add checkboxes to these Network Monitor rules, so you can disable them on the fly without deleting them. For example i don’t like that IP rule mentioned above as it kills uTorrent traffic but i don’t want to delete the rule in case i’d need it later. Shouldn’t require much work to realize this. It would just be skipped in Network Monitor while everything would still remain under top to bottom priority system.

I’m loving the latest version!! Having come back as there was problems with 2.0 the 2.3 rocks! (V) (CLY) (:CLP) (:WIN)