Comodo Firewall 10 Disables Windows Defender Security Center Service

Well, I wouldn’t say “Disables” more like blocks it seems.

I am trying to run Windows defender and Comodo Firewall 10 in tandem. No problems with the other services but
on startup I get the windows defender Icon in the taskbar then as soon as Comodo Firewall loads it disappears.
Upon looking in services the “Windows Defender Security Center” Service is not running even though it is set to “Automatic” startup. If I uninstall CFW it loads up fine and does not disappear.

I have Windows Firewall disabled.

Any ideas of a workaround?

EDIT: Upon a second reboot it seems that All of the Windows defender services are killed shortly after startup and the Network inspection service has been changed from “Automatic” to “manual”

See picture “All Disabled”

I have attached a picture of my services.

That is very strange, I also use Win Def with CFW and the services start correctly by themselves.
BTW, I disabled the Windows Defender notification icon from autostart. Try disabling the icon from start up and see if the service loads up correctly.
My Network Inspection Service is also manual but it seems to run all the time with CFW + WD installed.

Alright, So disabling WD in startup fixed all of the services crashing. So it fixed it halfway.

But, I’m specific so I would like to have the icon show up at boot. Any way to jimmy-rig this?

Thanks for the help so far btw.

Hmm, I just re-enabled the icon and after restarting it isn’t closing the service/disappearing on my side. Both the standard and admin accounts have the icon appear correctly.
I assume you are on the latest version (

Try excluding the Windows Defender folder in Program Files to the detect shellcode injections in Comodo Settings → Advanced Protection → Miscellaneous → Detect shellcode injections.

For me there was a peculiar issue with WD which I fixed, where when disabling or enabling WD, it caused an unexpected problem to occur. Open the old-fashioned WD interface in Program Files/Windows Defender/MSASCui.exe. Disable and reenable Windows Defender real-time protection in the Security Center and see if you get an"unexpected problem." If you get an error try completing a quick scan in Windows Defender, and retest to see if that problem persists.

Aye, re-enabling the icon in startup broke it all again, All the services are killed on startup again >:(

Open WDSC and try to start the services manually and see if you get an error.

I’ve already completely disabled windows defender (Registry DisableAnitSpyware key) and Installed comodo AV to make is CIS

I would still prefer to use WD but I’m hoping someone from Comodo could chime in on this subject. I saw another post from a user having the same issue and he supplied windows logs.

Dunno if this is a rare bug on certain systems under certain circumstances or what. but I hope to see it fixes as soon as possible.