Comodo Firewall 10 broken or incompatible with Firefox 56.0 on Windows 7

In relation to : Firefox crashes on startup for users of Comodo security products after July 2017 Windows 10 update | Firefox Help

I am noting here that I am getting the same issue with Comodo Firewall 10 on Windows 7, on which all recomended security updates have been installed.

Comodo version

Firefox 56.0

Mozilla it seems has been aware of this issue (in relation to Windows 10) since July. It would be appreciated if the Comodo Firewall 10 download version available on the website could be appropriately updated so that whatever clever patching it’s trying to do, which is causing Firefox to crash, is fixed or removed.

This isn’t the first time Comodo has failed to co-operate with other software, and I am disappointed that an issue on an earlier version in XP, has failed to be fixed in a more recent version, as I’ve otherwise had little or no issue with the components as offered.

It is not unreasonable to expect a quality product like Comodo to work with a reasonably standard browser.

Updated 9/10/2017: Upgrading to Firefox 58.0 (which uses a different internal structure) seems to have resolved the issue for now.

No problems here.

Thanks… I will assume therefore that it is an interaction or incompatibility on my side, which closes the issue as far as I am concerned.

It would be nice to identify the nature of interaction though, in case it’s something that could be exploited.

You could check which modules are injected in the browser. (eg launch Killswitch, double-click on ‘firefox.exe’ process, check ‘Modules’ tab)
Are you using Malwarebytes, maybe? See bug 2190.

Okay some further testing, failed to identify any further direct interactions between Comodo and Firefox, so the initial concern is resolved, by using a more recent (albiet alpha) nightly build of Firefox.

However, in chasing up a different issue I’d had with Spybot Antibeacon/ Spybot Destroy, it seems that unless you are prepared to do a custom install, Spybot installs something called BitDefender (even though it isn’t supposed to be part of their no-charge/unpaid version ). When I uninstalled this a LOT of errors and slow-downs I’d been having independently of any issues between Firefox and Comodo also vanished.

I’m mentioning this because if users of Comodo are experiencing issues and they have Spybot (or other BitDefender based) software, uninstalling the BitDefender based component may improve things. If the Comodo product used is paid for, then it was my understanding that tools like Spybot were in any event redundant.