Comodo Firewall 10.1.6254 affecting Edge browser


Since the update to Comodo Firewall edge browser fails to open the start page, is unable to login to Lastpass & uBlock Origin can’t update it’s blocklists, I am still able to browse http sites but not https sites. If I uninstall the firewall then the problems disappear. This is on Windows 10 creators update with all updates.

Attached is screenshot of the message when trying to browse https sites.


Hello Banzi,

The issue in accessing https site in Edge and IE should be fixed in the new RC 6256 version.

Please check with this build and provide your feedback.Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

I have installed the RC version & the issue seems to be fixed. In the previous stable version the issue can be fixed by adding the Microsoft Edge folder in Windows\SystemApps to detect shell code injections exclusions.