Comodo FireFox problems and random crash

Hi, I was trying out Comodo for the first time today, and I quite liked it.

However, when I double clicked on “System” under the “Activity” window once, it crashed. Although, I haven’t been able to replicate the issue, so this isn’t really a big problem.

The main problem I have is FireFox isn’t able to access my mail client on port 2059 (http). It is completely allowed, even explicitly allowed, however in the log I always receive the error:

Date/Time :2007-10-17 12:28:07
Severity :Medium
Reporter :Application Monitor
Description: Application Access Denied (firefox.exe: :2095)
Application: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
Parent: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
Protocol: TCP Out

Also, I don’t seem to have an option to ensure that if the firewall is closed that no traffic will occur. I like this since it gives me a feeling of security that if someone closes the firewall (which is quite easy) they won’t have free roam. It would be good to get these sort of controls, such as closing the firewall to be password protected.

Another good option would be the ability to export settings and rules and etc, so that it could easily be loaded elsewhere.

I am very impressed with this software overall, however I can’t use it with the above problem.

hi uriah (:WAV)
it’s weird, are you sure you’ve set the firefox to be allowed?
on CFP 2.4 summary page, click on “application monitor” & make sure “firefox.exe” is marked “allow”.

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set alert level to high for errorsearch, which might should get a sticky posting.

why u use a browser for email?


Yeah, it’s definitely there. I even tried changing this rule to “Dont specify parent” and “Allow unrestricted access”… but no go.

Yeah, did that. And FireFox did raise it initially, and I blocked it, however I allowed it after that.

I use my browser for email to synchronize between work home and so forth without hassle.


did you check the logs of comodo, might you need network allow inbound tcp for synch?

about the crash: if it dont occure more :slight_smile:

export rules: theres a *.reg file for that, might google the board


PS: and delete your firefox rules to get back standard switches

Yeah, I’d also suggest deleting the FF application monitor rules, reboot, and respond to the popup alerts with Allow and Remember, so it will automatically create the necessary rules.

If it’s still blocked, check the Activity/Logs to see what is being blocked.

You know what, before you remove/recreate AppMon rules, try a reboot. If you have Blocked w/o remember, but not rebooted, that would explain why you’re getting a block without a blocking rule showing.


PS: Closing the firewall only closes the GUI; it does not shut down the firewall, nor any applicable rules. There is one other process, a service, and several drivers that would all need to be disabled, before it wouldn’t be running. v3 does have password protection that applies to every aspect of the firewall.