Comodo, Firefox and MS Office

I’m new to Comodo… my previous Firewall was Sygate. Compared to Sygate, Comodo sure pops up a whole heck of a lot of warnings and it seems I guessed wrong on one. Sorry if this is a basic thing to ask about…

Here’s what happened. I copied some text from the internet and went to paste it in Word. A warning popped up about Word trying to conntact the internet… and I don’t think Word needs to, so I deny it. I paste the text and a moment later another warning pops up that Office is trying to use Firefox to connect to the internet… and, again, I see no reason for Office to ever connect to the internet… so I deny it.

I go back to Firefox and try to load a new page… but not Firefox is blocked. I restart Firefox, but it’s still blocked. I open up Comodo and look thru the Applicatoin monitor and the only Firefox entry I see is Allowed. I look thru the Component Monitor and all the components are Allowed. I go to Tasks>Define New Trusted Application and browse to the Firefox in the Programs>Mozilla>Firefox folder… and still Comondo won’t let Firefox connect.

How do I fix it so Firefox works right?

What should I have done when it asked about Word/Office? I wanted to stop them… not affect Firefox…

Thanks in advance for any help/insights you can offer!

Er… I just tried, for fun, to start Firefox and this time… Comodo asked me if I wanted to let Firefox connect so I said yes…and it works.

Why is this?

If memory serves it’s the fourth time since I installed Comodo (2 hours ago) that it’s asked me about Firefox, well six if you count the Word/Office.

Should it keep asking me about the same program?

Since it was a known app that was trying to use Firefox, you can allow it. It doesn’t mean that it connects to the internet, but since you have copied text from Firefox, CFP detects that and asks you. It’s to prevent malware from using let’s say Firefox to get out on the net.
If you click on a link in your mail program, you will get a popup for that and so on…
Allow and remember as long as you know what happens.
If you are uncertain sometime, and block it, don’t tick the remember box.
If Firefox loose the internet connection, try to restart it.

Have you scanned for know applications?
Do you have the alert frequency level at default low?
Changed any other default settings?

I know I can allow Word/Office to connect… but I don’t see why saying no to Word/Office trying to be sneaky and connect thru Firefox will stop Firefox. One of the reasons I said no is that I didn’t want to paste the text with all the internet formatting…I just wanted simple plain text. So I used the paste special>unformatted. When I saw the popup, I thought Word was going out to the internet to try and get formating or something – to me, it had no reason to connect.

Yes, I’ve run the trusted apps.
Yes, alerts are at low (a lot less of them after I ran the trusted apps wizard).
No, I’ve not changed any other default settings.