Comodo Firefox Add-on

Here’s an interesting idea … make a Firefox Add-on that uses the Comodo Firewall AV engine to scan for viruses after download, and possibly provide some more functionality (like also being able to use ClamAV for the people running Linux). But please don’t make it a toolbar, our browser space is limited and we have enough toolbars as it is.

With Firefox 3 just released, offering enormous extensibility and being significantly better than IE it would make an ideal platform to further protect people from malicious software and further increased the popularity of CPF.

The add on would need to be for the Comodo AV product. Any AV should perform this duty as part of normal operation anyway.

Boclean should automatically take care of the attempted attacks via dodgy additions in the download, I think.


There’s really no point in scanning a file after it has been downloaded, as most AV’s with real-time protection will scan it before you read from or write to the file to the memory, and alert you that it’s infected.
Also, Firefox 3 scans for viruses after downloads by default. I think it’s using the antivirus you have installed, not sure tho.


This is what I’ve read as well. So if the user don’t have any antivirus, Firefox scanning doesn’t work.

A Comodo Firefox addon that scans every download (based on a remote black list) would be a nice idea, I think. Since most threats come from the internet (though we can’t forget about USB sticks we borrow from friends), it would make sense to scan with this approach.

Actually, I think Trend Micro aims to offer AV protection which is to a large extent moved to their servers. Only a third of the program code would remain on the user’s system.


Firefox contacts your AV to scan.

Anti-Virus Software

“Firefox 3 integrates elegantly with your antivirus software. When you download a file, your computer’s antivirus program automatically checks it to protect you against viruses and other malware, which could otherwise attack your computer.”

i just don’t know which AVs are supported…

I was impressed when I saw that Firefox was scanning every downloaded file, then I read what have been posted above: it uses the local antivirus. I was hoping that Firefox used some online AV engine. So, this is what we need a Comodo addon for. :slight_smile:


On Firefox 2 I had a nice Dr. Web anti virus link scanner addon for it. could right click a link and choose “scan” and I believe it would scan the page for viruses. But this addon is incompatible with FireFox 3 :frowning: :cry:

almost all AVs these days have web scanners though

yeah, I use Avast that has a great web scanner which makes IE and FF more secure i think.

just don’t download any files… (:LGH)

you might as well not connect to the internet! (:TNG)

but yes, avast web scanner is excellent