Comodo fiorewall has changed my all internet conection!i want my old one back!!!

greets and nice to meet you!
Well,this is my little problem!I had installed Comodo firewall and after a wile i uninstalled it.the problem occurred after i uninstalled it!At network map it appears that i am connected via a Gateway and i hate this ,cause i am connected via Modem!That’s happens after i installed Comodod~~My all ports are blocked,i WANT them opened like they were,don’t care if it’s good or not,also i want back on my old server not on yours!!!
And i want also that gateway to be eliminated!
i reinstall my Windows 7x64 for a couples of time and nothing good has happen!My provider couldn’t help me so my last solution is to find it here!Thanks for your patience,all the best!

Your modem is your gateway. Does your modem have a build in router?

Do I understand you correctly you are running a server on your Win 7 x64? Are you using default settings for CIS?