Comodo finally died and had to be removed

Had not been having problems before. Saw posting on Help file problems, so went to miscellaneous/help, and trying to bring it up-crashed Comodo. Couldn’t kill it, so rebooted. Reboots hung at Comodo loading, would go no further. Went to safe mode and removed it, although security center says it still claims to be there. Very surprised that it went unstable after over a week of use. Maybe the new one will be better; no information on this failure, but very alarming long term stability concern, How do I convince security center that Comodo is gone?

Comodo leaves behind a couple of well hidden files called “boot.ini.comodofirewall” which are probably corrupted, based on Comodo behavior. Searching with advanced search finds them, but won’t reveal the locations. 1) Why aren’t they removed on the uninstall? 2) How do they get fixed (rewritten with new version?)? 3) How do we access them?. Remove them?
4) Comodo needs to provide a tool to clean up all this leftover ■■■■ and the registry when there is a problem that requires removal with or without reinstall.

A couple? How many do you find? I myself only find one, located in C:\

Open it with notepad, it’s backup (I think) of the original boot.ini

What’s “advanced search”? The Windows built-in one with “Search in hidden folders” and “Search in system folders”?

Ragwing, I think the “Vista” in signature is in too small print. Vista no longer uses boot.ini and doesn’t show these files in c:-you must be using XP. :wink:

No it’s not :wink:

Yes I’m using XP, so I didn’t knew Vista doesn’t use boot.ini, I prefer staying about 1 mile from Vista :stuck_out_tongue: