comodo filesystem driver not loaded in ubuntu


I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of comodo antivirus for linux. This was done in Ubuntu 14.10. But I have this error that says the filesystem driver is not loaded. I’m not sure how to rectify this. I’ve attached screen grabs of this error.

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Hi orosjopie :azn:

I’ve got the same problem with Comodo and the red shield; I’m working on that since last year. Without any luck :-[
There a link to my older thread, so I guess it may it is a Comodo fail … muahaha;msg804844#msg804844

My thread (german site)

Hello ,

try this way, it works fine with me ;D
Took me a while to get that in a right way, but the shield is green now, and it works great.

Good luck,
cheers Rolf;msg805114#msg805114