Comodo files showing up at root of C and a few other questions

I have installed Comodo V3 a few times. It installs fine but when it does the first update it puts all the files at the root of C: Has anyone run into the same problem?

Secondly, is it possible to duplicate a configuration from one computer to the other. For Instance you have two computers running the same OS, Software packages and custom files etc… Can you just export the configuration from computer A two Computer B without Comodo defense alert popping up messages even though you have added the file to the safe list on Computer A.

Thirdly, Is it possible to setup a failsafe rule… meaning a backdoor of sorts… just in case if the CF hoses… it will still allow a certain IP or IP range to get through to take control of the machine… for instance enabling vnc through for a certain IP to be able to troubleshoot.

Fourthly, (I am on a role here :slight_smile: ) Is it possible to disable popups or alerts from showing up on the desktop and routing them to a syslog server? or a snmp trap?


I’ll take a shot at answering…

Files at C:.… I haven’t seen this mentioned as a problem, though it does surprise me. I would expect %TEMP% to be used. Root directories are easy to locate, but not always accessible.

Duplicate a configuration… Have you tried a configuration export? It’s intended for this kind of thing. If that doesn’t do a complete transferable copy, then at worst, you get to dump a registry tree for CFP and then import that.

Failsafe rule… Not that I know of. If the firewall doesn’t work, then packets don’t move, and whatever rules exist doesn’t matter.

Logging… Nope, sorry, only to the desktop. Syslog and SNMP would be useful in a LAN environment, but that’s not what most people have. You can cobble a syslog export with some scripting, monitoring the CFP log database, and then forwarding on to the LAN syslog server. SNMP would be more difficult, because of the nature of SNMP object coding. Syslog would be just plain regular text.

Thanks for the reply…

Is there a way of disabling the popups from showing up on the desktop atleast? Thx

Not that I’m aware of, as CFP is intended for the “home user” kind of environment. Office style settings, with a managed LAN, is a different kind of game.