Comodo File Intelligence

Hi all,

I’d like to check some files with Comodo File Intelligence. Following its SHA1 and/or MD5, CFI will rank the file as malware or legit. Ok, then the question : how can I find the SHA1 and MD5 of the files in my computer?



how can I find the SHA1 and MD5 of the files in my computer?
Use this (don't worry it's free :)

now compare yours with the official ones

Thank you Jay, I’ll download it.

I use HashTab which installs a tab in the Properties dialogue box of files for the purpose of seeing Hash codes of files.

Wow, I’ve used some pretty easy hash verifiers, but this is by far the simplest ever! I especially love that it automatically scans the clipboard for hashes. Start a file downloading, copy the hash, when the file is done look at the tab and see if it verifies. Pretty slick! Thanks for the link Eric! :slight_smile:

Indeed ! Have another “Thanks” Eric.

There are many very good free Utilities re: the matter
I can name a few. Some of those provide Shell Extension add-on as well,
but this one is … 88) Hummm… Oh ! just read what the truthful HeffeD said :smiley:


Thanks a lot Eric and all the others for your help.

HashTab is installed in a few sec, integrates perfectly with windows and is amazingly easy to use.


what is a hash?

In basic terms, it’s a string of letters/numbers that can be calculated from any given file. If this file is changed in any way, the calculation will result in a different string of letters/numbers.

So if someone puts a file on a download server and tells you the Hash they’ve calculated for this file, you can then download the file and calculate the Hash yourself, then compare it with the one they’ve posted. If these Hashes match, you can be assured that the file hasn’t been tampered with.