COMODO Faster Master 4.0 BETA Released!!!

I wanted to comment how sad it is that some forum members treat these forums with such venom but instead retreated being ever so grateful for those that share and care

Eric, as usual you are on the mark, thank you, your comment caused me to add more

just a pity some spoil it for the rest eh?

Great programs require great patience, I for one are very happy to wait patiently for the next version

Carping away as some do lately sours the forum somewhat always wanting it sooner. What ever happened to patience?

Exploring a new Comodo treat when it comes over rides the cynical sarcastic comments that seem to abound all too often lately

Keep up the great work Team Comodo…don’t be put of by mere sarcastic comments

Can’t wait to pay for the Pro version…t sounds like it will be the tops!


  • :-TU so true… ;D

I don’t have problem with Comodo whatever-cleaning-thing not being released. I have problem with constantly being lying to us. I’m sick of it. Either devs are sure they will release it next week, or they can keep their misinformation to themselves and stop making fun of those few users who had the nerves to keep watching how was this place roting the entire summer. If they can’t appreciate our patience, the patience of users for which is this application being developed, they can continue to working on it for their own amusement. Because I do not find their ignorance amusing. At all.

And I’m fairly sure that I do not find your arrogance amusing either. I strongly doubt that you speak for other members here… as a member, you certainly don’t speak for me. So, drop the “our” and check your attitude. In fact, you may well have gone too far this time.

NHF, Terepin… ;D

What attitude? You can feel my attitude in my text? No, you only see want you want to see. I could be talking about unicorns and you would be still threatening me.
Two facts:

  1. If I didn’t like this product, I wouldn’t be using it. Did you see me replying in sections other than CIS and CSC?
  2. If I didn’t like this product, I wouldn’t bother to complain in the first place. Because the sign of true supporter isn’t that he’s crawling in the corner, silently accepting every decision devs make.

And for the record: You have no idea how many flame wars that ■■■■ days I started because I was trying to convince others current view on IT security is outdated, how many fights to the blood and I fought to protect CIS’s name and reputation. In two countries. For years. How many fights I had with my friends and my family while I was trying to explain them CIS is best for their own protection. Can anybody here match me with at least the same amount of support outside of this forums?

I support you but you have to watch your language sometimes. :wink:
You sting like a bee… :wink:
Not all members here are immune to the poison… :wink:

My “not so good” experience with Comodo counts:

  1. There are lots of trusted malwares
  2. I often have to submit same malware files 2 or 3 times before they get recognized by CAV.
    The analysis is either slow or weak… :frowning:

I’m sorry, you’ve completely misunderstood something, I do not make threats. You’re now post banned for 24 hours to cool off and for the Moderators to decide what further action, if any, is to be taken.

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