COMODO Faster Master 4.0 BETA Released!!!


When will you Release a New Version beta or rc or the Final Version any Dates for it

+1 On that name too.

Also I do agree about the RAM usage, bounced up about 17% for me. CPU is fine though, used to have problems with high usage on old one as well as the DEP kicking in on another machine about validator process.

Will properly play with it later when got time and try to give a more in-depth feedback approach.

I can not download.Please send to my email。 Thankyou! :slight_smile:

Please do not double post, it is against Forum Policy.

No one is going to email the application to you.

I do like this one as well.

:-TU +1

I agree above faster master just sounds cheesy

is there any new things thats gonna be added in system cleaner 4??

Here we go again… 88)


The quest for the new name is over. We’ve chosen “COMODO System Utilities” to be the new name for our product.
We want to thank you all for your suggestions.


Ehen will you Release a New beta or rc or a Final Version any Dates for it

awesome! this is a much better name and suites the product better. its a lot more professional

Nice to know so thanks for letting us know about it as was much needed. By the way, did the person who thought of faster master get a few jokes made about him in the office? LOL

Assume the name change will come into effect once the next beta version hits us. >:-D

BTW who invented this Faster-Master? ???


Next week will be a RC and soon after that we’ll launch the final release.

Thank you very much for your Info about it. I will weit for the Final Version of it.

I Hope the Final Version Comes the Next Week out, too


Any News for the RC to Release Infos

What is difference free versus pro version?

Far, far away, in a distant galaxy, we saw a RC version…
Seriously, this “We will release x version in y weeks” is getting way old.

so does your attitude but you never seem to stop

You are still on our radar…

The reason for our attention is your unadulterated acid sour display of frustrations. Simply because you can not deal with the fact “your needs” are are not immediately met. You are behaving like a spoiled infant that throws a tantrum every 5 minutes.

How long do you think our stretch of patience is?