Comodo fans, vote here!

Dear fans, let’s do a votes record to support the hard work of these people and for everybody to see that users who tried Internet Security appreciate Comodo and don’t regret their choice!

The Best

Another more than useless poll … how many we had before? just read please before creating a new one
Sure Comodo devs do hard work, but most of it can be avoided because there are a lot of software (free I mean) that performing much better
Firewall? no questions - the best, but could be better if they listen to the users requests (see wish list)
Defense+ ? really the 1st one I could rely on, from day 1, but again see the above
Other stuff … hmmm 88) - Nahhh!



Options are not enough to vote.



both options r same, if any thing is best then we love it. What’s the point of this poll?