Comodo is falsly detecting SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE as a threat - this needs to be resolved immediately.

I can be contacted at nicks AT if needed.

Nick Skrepetos

Hi Nick,

Can you please provide which of the sources is falsely detected ?
I just downloaded free and pro without alert on AV database 2932

Did you install the 4.30.1004 version of SUPERAntiSpyware? It’s not the installation file, it’s the actual product executable.

CIS detecs SUPERAntiSpyware as virus on my computer, AV database 2932.

Both SUPERANTISPYWARE.exe and the files RUNSAS.exe “superantispyware alternative start” creates

and also some temp files while updating (in virus database 2931, probably still does)

On my system, you get an alert when running the program updater within SuperAntispyware. When SAS downloads the SuperAntispyware.exe file, CIS picks it up as infected.

DB 2932

Screenshots during update attached:

[attachment deleted by admin]

I posted this more then 2 hours ago, and someone from the STAFF did answer, and a new virus database have been released in the meantime, and it’s not resolved yet…

I really thought things like this would be resolved as fast as possible.

did you post the .exe’s ? or uploaded them to the web site here:

You can get the EXE’s by simply installing the 4.30.1004 from our site:

I just submitted a copy via your link.

Attachment below:

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Just for the record, I’m just a moderating Volunteer here, Staff will pick up this FP and release a new DB once fixed.

I understand, just helping out. :wink:

seems fixed in 2934 for me…

Just checked, it’s fixed on my system too!

DB 2934 confirmed. :smiley:

Fixed here to

virus DB 2934 :-TU

Thank you for all the help!

Your welcome, always glad to help out specially with good software like SAS :-TU

I had the problem just now when I updated SuperAntiSpyware, so I opened Comodo and manually updated my virus database. All seems to be well now.